The Widow “Misses” Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 41

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

She went downstairs to the ballroom.


Before entering, Yu Duo heard the melodious music in the venue.


Yu Duo handed over the invitation letter to the waiter at the door. The waiter took a look and led Yu Duo into the venue after verification.


There were a lot of people inside the hall. They came together in pairs of twos and groups of threes, and they had a lot of fun talking and mingling with each other.


Looking around, there were a lot of foreigners with high nose and blonde hair. Yu Dao sat in the corner with a cocktail in her hand and listened to the music, watching the pair of men and women dancing gracefully on the dance floor.


Fu Sinian sat opposite her, watching her thumb and fingertips subconsciously rubbing the ring finger, where a ring was originally worn. A shallow mark was left on the place after she took off the ring.


“Wow, look at this beautiful girl. She is sitting here alone. Haven’t any men in this meeting discover the rose hidden in the far corner?”


A familiar voice rang out. Yu Duo looked up and saw the French man she met in a luxury store today.




“It’s me, Miss Yu Duo, I’m glad to meet you again at this wonderful night.” Alex reached out and held Yu Duo’s hand. He leaned over his hand and kissed the back of her hand.


Yu Duo did not reject Alex’s kiss on the hand.


“Why are you here?”


“I was also invited to the centennial celebration of this hotel,” he replied to Yu Duo politely. “You look so stunning tonight! I’m sorry to say that I have a bad request. I don’t know if I have the honor to be your plus one partner tonight because I really don’t want to see any other men to invite you to be theirs. I also want to savour the jealousy of other men.”


Yu Duo was amused at his rhetoric.


“Alex, do you often coax women like this?”


“No, no, you misunderstood, this is not coaxing. This is the truth. They are my sincere words. These truthful words are spoken by a handsome-looking man so they will feel like rhetoric. This is nothing but a woman’s prejudice against men.”


“Oh? Looks like you’re a good, faithful man?”


“I think it’s not convenient to talk about such things alone.”


Yu Duo raised her eyebrows and just smiled. She didn’t know what to say.


Instead of continuing the topic, Alex turned her eyes to Yu Duo, “What happened to your ring?”


Yu Duo smiled, “I took it off. People have to look forward, and move on. They can’t just immerse themselves in the grief of the past, can they?”


“Smart woman!”


Alex toasted and took a sip with Yu Duo.


The melodious music continued playing in the air, Alex stood up and reached his hand out to Yu Duo. “This beautiful lady, can I have the honor to dance with you?”


Yu Duo thought for a moment.


Fu Sinian’s face was darker than the bottom of the pot and the air pressure around his body plummeted, which caused the temperature to drop by a few degrees.


Yu Duo shivered and then put her hands on Alex’s palms. The two walked towards the centre of the venue.


It was tango. The music was slow and melodious at the beginning. Yu Duo and Alex were very close so Yu Duo felt a little nervous.


She had learned it before but she hadn’t danced in these three years.


However, Alex was a good dancer. Tango was very common for him. With Alex, Yu Duo gradually relaxed. Following the beat and rhythm of the music, she enjoyed the tempo of the dance. The two danced very well together.


During the second half of the music, the tempo changed again. Alex and Yu Duo’s actions moved in a fluid motion. Every time they clapped, the smile on Yu Duo’s face became more and more brilliant. She seemed to release herself completely. More and more people gathered in the centre of the hall, blocking Fu Sinian’s line of sight completely.


That one song was finally over.


There was applause all around, Yu Duo and Alex smiled and thanked the audience for their applause and returned to their seats.


“I didn’t expect you to be able to dance to Tango so well.”


“I’ve learned it before, but I haven’t had a chance to dance in these three years.”


“You haven’t had the chance to dance for three years? Then I’m so lucky. The first dance in these three years, and I am the one who get to dance with you. Still,  I don’t understand one thing. Since you can dance so well, why haven’t you danced in three years?”


Yu Duo smiled.


“OK, I won’t talk about it.”


A man came up with a wine glass in his hand and asked, “I wonder if I may have the  honor to dance with a beautiful lady like you?”


Alex refused on her behalf. “I’m so sorry; this beautiful lady will only dance with me tonight.”


That man looked at Yu Duo.


Yu Duo smiled which showed her approval of Alex’s words.


“Well, have a good evening.”


Yu Duo originally thought that after she rejected the man, there would be no more men coming to ask her hand to dance, but she did not expect that since then, the men at the party came one after another, asking whether Yu Duo could dance or to hand over their business cards to her. Yu Duo was distressed and declined all of them, one after another.

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