The Widow “Misses” Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 42

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

“It seems that God still cares about me. At least you accepted my business card.”


Alex’s business card?


Yu Duo drank two cups so her brain was slightly intoxicated. After it was mentioned by Alex, she tried to recall about the matter. Where did I put Alex’s business card? Why is it that I can’t remember anything about it?


“I think you drank a lot. May I take you to your room?”


Although she was a bit drunk, Yu Duo still made sure to not cross her bottom line.


Frenchmen are romantic, but correspondingly, they are also very open about ‘sex’ and they have the notion that one night stands are a norm.


Yu Duo got up. “No, I can go back by myself.”


Frenchmen were both romantic and flirtatious. She couldn’t stay here any longer.


When she got up, Yu Duo couldn’t stand firmly. She tried to move her feet and fell to one side. Fu Sinian subconsciously tried to assist her. However, Yu Duo passed through his body. Fortunately, she just fell onto the sofa.


“I’ll take you back to your room.”


Yu Duo shook her head and still insisted on going back alone. She waved goodbye to Alex.


Alex reluctantly laughed. During this time, he met a lot of women in China. Some were passionate, some were glamorous, but only Yu Duo was cautious as if he was some kind of a sex fiend.


If it was any other day, Alex really did wonder to himself if he had lost his charm.


There seemed to be something on the side of the sofa where Yu Duo had sat on. Alex picked it up and found it was Yu Duo’s earrings.


“Yu Duo…” He wanted to return the earrings to Yu Duo but she was already gone.


Alex smiled and put away the earrings.


Those should be a great memento for such a wonderful encounter, wouldn’t it?


Yu Duo, who waved goodbye to Alex, walked back to her room and Fu Sinian followed her silently.


In the three years with Fu Sinian, Yu Duo had almost never gotten herself drunk. At most, she would just take a sip and then spit it out.


Yet Yu Duo drank three full glasses tonight. She didn’t know how good she was at holding her drink. Her head was drowsy. She was afraid that she would fall asleep once she lay down on bed.


Yu Duo wore high heels and wobbled along the way. From time to time, she stopped to hold on to the wall and rubbed her forehead, but Fu Sinian could only look at her from behind and follow her without being able to do anything.


After finally returning back to her room, Yu Duo did not remove her makeup and did not change her clothes. She laid down directly on the bed with her face flushed red. She seemed to fall asleep very quickly.


“Yu Duo, wake up!”


Yu Duo’s eyebrows frowned, as if she heard something or perhaps thought of it. Holding on to the tired body that was about to go to sleep, she dragged her hand to the bedside, grabbing her mobile phone. She pressed the home button and opened her eyes.


Eleven o’clock


She whispered, “Aunt Lian, Sinian had gone out to socialise again. Would you please make some hangover soup for him?”


After talking, she closed her eyes again.


Fu Sinian stood by the bed and looked at her silently without speaking a word.


After a short while, she turned over and patted the bed beside her, muttering, “Sinian, turn off the lights, turn off…”




The lights turned off…




“When did you come back? Remember to drink the hangover soup before going to the bath to sleep…”


Because she hadn’t drunk for so long, she didn’t know that the effect of three glasses of wine was so great. Her hangover lasted until no earlier than eleven o’clock and she still felt sleepy.


The cell phone rang again. Yu Duo forced herself to open her eyes and she still felt sleepy. She didn’t know how long she slept last night.


After picking up the phone and looking at it, she found out that the caller was Aunt Lian.


Yu Duo patted her cheek seven to eight times to wake herself up.


“Hey, Aunt Lian.” She greeted in the usual tone.


“Ma’am, why didn’t you make a phone call home when you arrived in Paris?” Before she could answer Aunt Lian rebuked, “You didn’t answer my call early in the morning and you didn’t reply my WeChat messages. How are you?”

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