The Widow “Misses” Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 43

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

“I’m sorry, Auntie, I’m fine. I just arrived in Paris a little late and so I fell asleep early. I didn’t pay attention to the messages in the phone yesterday. Please help me to inform Ah Chi…”


“Madam, you can call Ah Chi yourself.”


Even her aunt couldn’t help preaching. “Ma’am, you promised me and Ah Chi that you would call back every day to make sure to inform us that you are safe. How can we know that you are safe when you fail to inform us? You should have brought another person along with you when you go out. When you are out there alone, who will take care of you? You don’t answer the phone and don’t answer the messages. You are truly trying to kill me!”


Yu Duo confessed. “Sorry Auntie, I know I’m wrong. I will remember to call back every day.”


Aunt Lian sighed. She was sure that Yu Duo was enjoying her time abroad.


“Then don’t forget it next time.”


“Relax Auntie, I won’t forget.”


Hanging up the phone, Yu Duo called Ah Chi’s phone number and felt a headache coming.


‘It’s all because I drank too much yesterday…’


The call connected almost instantaneously.


“Ah Chi, I…”


Before Yu Duo could finish her sentence, an urgent voice came from the other side of the phone. “Sister in law, are you ok?”


“… I’m ok. I was feeling a little tired yesterday and so I didn’t take any look at my cell phone,” Yu Duo said in a sombre tone. “I’m sorry. I worried you and Aunt Lian.”


“It’s all right,”  Ah Chi replied  in a relieved tone. He no longer sounded tense. “Even Auntie Lian was worried about you. If you have the time, sister-in-law, you’d better call aunt Lian everyday to report your whereabouts.”


“Well, I will!”


Then there was a suffocating silence and Yu Duo broke the silence, “If it’s OK, I’ll hang up first.”




Yu Duo hung up the phone. She was relieved. She threw her cell phone and lay on the bed. After less than ten minutes, there was a knock at the door.


‘What a crazy turn of events so early in the morning…’


Yu Duo forced herself to get up to open the door. A strong smell of roses assaulted her nose.


Outside the door was a staff member holding a bunch of roses.


“Hello, miss. These are roses from a certain Mr. Alex.”


Yu Duo was stunned and then she responded with a smile and asked the staff member, “It was Mr. Alex who tasked you to present them to me?”


“Yes. And Mr. Alex also said he would like to invite you to dinner.”


“I see. Thank you.”


Yu Duo took the roses and tipped the staff member.


After closing the door, Yu Duo looked at this big bunch of roses with sadness. There was a large number of roses. It was probably estimated that there were about ninety-nine roses.


Within three years of marriage with Fu Sinian, she never once received a single rose, not even once.


Fu Sinian didn’t understand the word “romance”. She and Alex only knew each other for one day. Yet  even if he didn’t know anything about her, he sent roses to her.


‘Does he want to pursue me?’


‘Are Frenchmen so romantic and impulsive?’


Yu Duo was deeply troubled by this.


She really just came to travel. She never thought that she could easily attract the attention of a romantic handsome French guy.


Although that man was handsome and romantic, and chatting with him made her happy, Yu Duo decided not to provoke him easily.


Otherwise, she was afraid it would be “infinite trouble” for her.


Yu Duo decided to leave Paris that day.


At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, before leaving, she mailed back what she had bought in a shopping spree in Paris.


Of course, to be cautious, she changed her mailing address to Fu Sinian’s apartment.


At three o’clock in the afternoon, Yu Duo packed her belongings and left the city where she only stayed for two days.


Next stop, London, UK.


On the day she landed, there was an additional post in the Weibo account of ‘Mrs. Rich’s wealthy life’.


It was a picture of London’s clear sky and British-style streets accompanied by a mischievous emoji. At first sight, you will know that person in the picture is in a good mood when she is traveling and enjoying their vacation.


In Yu Duo’s circle of friends, there was also a picture of the London street corner taken at a 45 degree angle with sad words: the weather in London is the same as the day you (Fu Sinian) left.



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