The Widow “Misses” Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 44

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

During Yu Duo’s stay in London for a total of five days, she took many  pictures of all of London’s famous attractions.


After that, she flew to Finland, she witnessed the Aurora in the sky and returned to Venice Water City again. There, she wore a sexy bikini and flaunted her body curves.


After staying in Venice for a few days, Yu Duo flew to Turkey for a hot air balloon trip and after visiting the famous Turkish attractions and landmarks, she flew to Egypt to see the pyramids.


In less than a month, Yu Duo’s Weibo was close to being certified as a travel expert.


Of course, under continuous travelling and exposure under the sun for a month, even if Yu Duo applied sunscreen carefully, her skin would still inevitably tan a few degrees darker.


Fu Sinian was dumbfounded. He didn’t know where Yu Duo’s energy and enthusiasm came from. She could travel alone for a month and enjoy it without taking a break.


After returning to China after flying home from Egypt, she did not inform anyone about her return to China because she was planning to surprise Aunt Lian.


She got off the plane at 4:00 p.m. and took a taxi back to the villa by 5:00 p.m. When she got off the taxi, she found that there were several cars parked outside the villa with familiar looking license plates.


Yu Duo came in, “Aunt Lian, I’m back!”


In the living room, the voice of talking stopped suddenly and the sound of hurried footsteps came. Aunt Lian hurriedly came out of the villa. When she saw Yu Duo, she was surprised and pleased, “Madam! Why didn’t you tell me in advance that you are coming back!”


“Didn’t I surprise you?”


Aunt Lian looked at the smile on Yu Duo’s face. Her eyes and eyebrows were full of energy. Her spirit was much better than that of a month ago.


She went up to take the suitcase in Yu Duo’s hand. “You just came back, haven’t you eaten yet? I’ll give you… “


Aunt Lian suddenly thought of something and looked hesitantly into the villa.


“What’s the matter?”


When Yu Duo walked to the entrance, she heard the sound of high-heeled sandals stepping on the marble floor with a certain rhythm.


Yu Duo knew whom those high-heeled sandals belonged to when she heard them. She rolled her eyes silently.


“Qiao Jiao, why are you here?”


A tall woman in high heels stood in front of Yu Duo.


In Yu Duo’s impression, Qiao Jiao wore high heels no lesser than five centimetres high all year round and yet never feels tired.


If Yu Duo who was in front of Fu Sinian was pure and timid, then Qiao Jiao was sexy and bold in front of Fu Sinian.


Qiao Jiao was Fu Sinian’s right hand. Since Fu Sinian founded the company, she had been Fu Sinian’s assistant, helping him with his work and everything in life.


Yu Duo knew that Fu Sinian trusted her very much.


“I’m here to send Mr. Fu’s will that he left back in the company.”




Yu Duo went in and there were a lot of things in the living room.


And there were several uninvited guests sitting in the living room.


“Uncle? Why are you here too?”


When she saw her uncle, Yu Duo knew that it was not that simple.


However, she didn’t know what he was up to this time.


The uncle looked at Qiao Jiao and did not speak.


Qiao Jiao nodded, “Yu Duo, this is the case. I have found a will from his safe when I was cleaning up Fu’s belongings in the company these two days.”


Yu Duo frowned, “A will?”


Fu Sinian raised an eyebrow. When did he make his will, why didn’t he know?


“Yes,” Qiao Jiao took out the will and handed it to Yu Duo. “I have consulted a lawyer to verify the authenticity of the content of the will.


Yu Duo looked at it with suspicion, skipping a lot of redundant content and skipping directly to the will section.


Suddenly Yu Duo realized what was going on.


Qiao Jiao explained why the uncle was sitting here today. It turned out that in Fu Sinian’s will, in order to thank his uncle for his support, he left 30% of the total assets under his name to his uncle, and Fu Sinian left 30% of his inheritance to Yu Duo, 10% to Ah Chi, and the remaining 30% …


To let Qiao Jiao inherit it?!


Yu Duo looked up at Qiao Jiao.


“To be honest, Mr. Fu left me 30% of all his fortune, which is also beyond my expectations.”


The uncle sighed in a timely manner, “I know that Sinian is not an ungrateful person. He still remembers the grace of his uncle’s upbringing. Take a closer look, Duo Duo. If you find everything alright, I’ll find a lawyer in two days and deal with the inheritance.”


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