The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 46

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

In the afternoon, lawyer Huang came to explain the contents of the will to Yu Duo.


Lawyer Huang sighed at the haggard looking woman.


In just one month, the woman lost her husband and now she had learnt that her husband gave one third of his fortune to another woman.


‘What a blow to Mrs Fu.’


“I’m sorry to trouble you, lawyer Huang,” Yu Duo muttered in low spirit and handed the will to lawyer Huang. “This is the will that Miss Qiao Jiao found in the office of Sinian yesterday. I hope you can help me with it.”


“Don’t worry, Mrs. Fu. I’ll make sure to take care of this matter for you,” said lawyer Huang.


Because Fu Sinian’s remains have not been found, in the legal sense, Fu Sinian is not considered dead. Even if the will was true, for the next months’ time, it was impossible to divide the inheritance so they still had one month to find out what the will was all about.


Hearing lawyer Huang’s words, Yu Duo felt somewhat relieved.


Suddenly, Yu Duo thought of something and asked, “Lawyer Huang, there is another thing that I want to ask you about dividing the fortune. At present, Sinian’s fortune cannot be divided. In fact, what I want to ask is, if I spend a sum of money now, will it be deducted from my share which I will get next month?”


Yu Duo was afraid that lawyer Huang didn’t understand. Yu duo gave him an example. “For example, Fu Sinian has 20 billion Yuan worth of property. After one month, I will get 30% of it, that is 6 billion Yuan. Let’s suppose that I spend 1 billion Yuan out of the 20 billion Yuan. When the fortune is divided next month, will this 1 billion Yuan be deducted from my share? Meaning I can only take 5 billion Yuan?”


After hearing this, lawyer Huang smiled, “Mrs. Fu, for now President Fu has not been recognized as dead but counted as missing. So, of course, you have the right to use President Fu’s money. After President Fu is identified as dead one month later, the division of the estate will happen one month later. How can the money spent now be counted against you one month later? As for your example, 1 billion Yuan will not be deducted from your share. One month later, you will get 30% of 19 billion Yuan, that is 5.7 billion.”


Yu Duo understood.


“OK, I see. Thank you, lawyer Huang. Please.”


After seeing off lawyer Huang, Yu Duo was full of fighting spirit.


In this month, how much could she spend? The more she spent, the more she earned. She must not suffer a loss.


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