The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 47


T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
The next day…


Aunt Lian brought Yu Duo breakfast. She was very worried about Yu Duo’s current situation but she was an outsider and there were some things she could not say out loud.


She glanced reproachfully at Fu Sinian’s photo.


How can this gentleman be so muddleheaded? Giving such an important thing to an outsider, isn’t this plainly hurting his wife’s heart?


“Ma’am, Madam Yu is here.”


Yu Duo snorted.


Good things didn’t go out but bad things spread thousands of miles. The news that Fu Sinian gave 30% of his inheritance to an irrelevant woman had spread to everyone.


“Mom, why are you here?”


Mrs. Yu sat on the sofa with a pale complexion.


Yu Duo sat next to her and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“What’s wrong?” Madam Yu asked, “Is there any need to ask me? I ask you, what happened to the will?”


Yu Duo answered with a smile, “What else can happen, Sinian has an assistant who has been with him for seven years, maybe he thinks she…”


“Followed for seven years? So he gave her 30% of the inheritance?” Mrs. Yu sneered. “Since ancient times, which man has ever given one-third of his inheritance to an irrelevant woman?”




Mrs. Yu was furious. “Don’t call me Mom. Let me tell you, it’s clear that this assistant is Fu Sinian’s lover. Otherwise, why would Fu Sinian leave inheritance for her?”


Fu Sinian gritted his teeth and thought to himself, ‘Why don’t you think about whether the will is genuine or fake?’ 


Yu Duo was downcast and did not speak.


Mrs. Yu took a deep breath and held Yu Duo’s hand. “Duo Duo, can you see the true face of Fu Sinian now? I have told you long ago that this Fu Sinian is not a good person and is not worthy of you. Three years ago…”


When Mrs. Yu was about to speak about three years ago, Yu Duo interjected: “Mom, it’s boring to mention all those past things.”


“Well, it is boring. I won’t mention it any more. You will go back with mom later.”


“Go back?”


Mrs. Yu pointed to Fu Sinian’s will, “He has done this to you and you still want to stay here as his widow? Go back with mom and mom will arrange a blind date for you tomorrow. My daughter is so beautiful and knowledgeable. She will surely be able to find a good suitor!”


In fact, Mrs. Yu’s thought was still the same as that of the older generation.


‘My daughter must marry a good man. Otherwise she will have to grow old alone.’


‘That will be pathetic.’


“Mom, no, I don’t want to…”


“You don’t need to rebut Mom about this. You won’t go on a blind date. I think Yu Yang is good. You can walk around with him more in the future.


Sure enough, the topic of marriage was boring no matter what time it was.


But Yu Yang was very good. He didn’t take her inheritance as seriously as anyone else. She couldn’t harm him.


“Mom, let Yu Yang go. It’s been three years and I don’t have any feelings for him.”


Mrs. Yu looked at her in confusion, “No feelings?”


Yu Duo nodded, “Things such as marriage should be done with mutual consent…”


Mrs. Yu sneered, “Don’t even mention anything to me. When you and Fu Sinian got married, were you willing to?”


Yeah, the conversation turned to Fu Sinian again.


Yu Duo remained silent.


“Forget it, I don’t want to force you but you have to be clear now. Fu Sinian is not good at all. You are wronged by him. After two days, you will accompany your mother to a charity party. Don’t stay at home all the time. It’s good to meet more people, OK?”


“Charity party?”


“Anyway, you’ll go there with mom.”


Looking at Mrs. Yu’s loving eyes, Yu Duo could hardly refuse the person who cared so much about her and replied, “OK.”


At last, she sent Mrs. Yu away.


After Mrs. Yu left, Yu Duo checked about the charity party her mother told her.


This charity party was held once a year, gathering celebrities from all over. Under the spotlight, each one of them was beautiful.


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