The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 48

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
On the day of the charity banquet, Yu Duo did not doll herself up. Since it was a charity banquet, her dress did not need to be too gorgeous and lavish. At eight o’clock in the evening, Yu Duo arrived at the banquet place with her car. She got off to see Madam Yu who was waiting for her together with Yu Yang.


Yu Duo walked up to the two with a smile, “Mom, Yu Yang.”


“Yu Yang and I waited for you for a while and thought you were not coming.” Madam Yu glanced at Yu Yang and smiled: “Yu Yang, I’ll leave Yu Duo with you tonight.”


Yu Duo was stunned, “Mom?”


Mrs. Yu reluctantly said, “There is something urgent that needs to be dealt with. Yu Yang is here. You can rest assured that nothing wrong will happen with him by your side.”


“Auntie, don’t worry, I will take good care of Miss Yu.”


Madam Yu looked at him reproachfully, “What Miss Yu, you two grew up together, just call her Duo Duo. All right, I’m leaving now.”


Yu Duo stood on one side and felt a headache.


Her mother was really trying to pair her up together with Yu Yang.


After Mrs. Yu left, Yu Yang smiled and said to Yu Duo, “I don’t expect that aunt will… well, let’s enter inside.”


And the gentleman gracefully reached out to Yu Duo.


Fu Sinian stared at Yu Yang’s hand. If Yu Duo dared to hold his hand, he would chop that hand.


Yu Duo suddenly felt chill and shivered. She did not hold his hand and said. “It’s so cold, let’s go in.”


In any case, she was still Fu Sinian’s wife. Fu Sinian had not been declared dead by law so she could not be regarded as a widow.


Yu Yang looked at his outstretched right hand. He bowed his head and smiled, and followed Yu Duo into the banquet.


Many people came to this charity banquet. Yu Yang, who had just returned from studying abroad, recognized 70% of them. He stopped for a chat and took the opportunity to introduce Yu Duo to others.


Fu Sinian stood on the side watching Yu Duo being introduced by Yu Yang. Her attitude was humble and courteous. The smile on her face was neither alienating nor flattering. It’s very easy for her to give people a good impression.


As far as the guests were concerned, Yu Duo’s performance was much better than that of Qiao Jiao.


But what Fu Sinian couldn’t understand was that since she did not have delicate and cowardly nature, why did she act like that in front of him?


Fu Sinian suddenly discovered that he did not understand his wife who had been living with him for three years.


Yu Yang took a circle with Yu Duo and almost recognized everyone in the ball. Even Yu Yang couldn’t help but admire, “You have changed too much compared to three years ago.”


Yu Duo raised an eyebrow. “Too much change? What change?”


Yu Yang looked at her and thought quietly for a moment. He said with a smile: “I can’t say, but now you are very good. Fu Sinian does not know how to cherish you, it would be his loss.”


Yu Duo raised her eyebrows and didn’t answer. She took a sip of wine from her glass, and said in her heart: I think so too.


A muffled sound of exclamation came.


Yu Duo looked towards the sound source and saw a man entering into the venue as if no one was there. He turned a blind eye to the people or things around him and went straight to the table in the centre of the front row. The broad and lean body showed a sense of strength. “No entry for strangers” was written all over his face.


Yu Duo didn’t know the man but she had seen him in photos and magazines.


“That’s Qin Shao. Do you wish to make his acquaintance?”


Yu Duo smiled and shook her head.


Yu Duo didn’t want to pay attention to this man. She looked around. It seemed that someone else was at the entrance.


It was Qiao Jiao…
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