The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 49


T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Qiao Jiao’s eyes darted around the venue with a smile on her lips and  finally laid her eyes in the direction of Qin Shao for a while before averting them. She then walked away and sat at the table behind Qin Shao.


Fu Sinian’s eyes narrowed slightly and he discovered a clue.


Although the two were sitting with their backs facing each other which seemed to be an irrelevant matter, Qiao Jiao lowered her head and said something to herself which was obviously for Qin Shao to hear.


The two knew each other but just wanted to avoid suspicions in the public.


In S City, Qin Shao was an entrepreneur who goes hand in hand with Fu Sinian.


The two were of the same age and the development of the industry overlapped. It could be said that Qin Shao was Fu Sinian’s biggest competitor. Similarly, Fu Sinian was also Qin Shao’s eyesore. The business was like a battlefield. You have to fight for resources and benefits over the years. No one is satisfied.


And now Qiao Jiao and Qin Shao are together?


Although the two did not appear to be familiar, Fu Sinian observed them carefully before he concluded that things were definitely not as simple as they seemed to be.


Qiao Jiao had been with him since he founded the company for seven years. As his assistant, Qiao Jiao helped him with all the company’s affairs, even his personal affairs. Prior to marriage, she had been playing the role of his female companion, attending all reception business events.


He admitted that Qiao Jiao was a very good woman and she was a leader both in eloquence and ability.


Later, after marrying Yu Duo, he also had the idea of taking Yu Duo to attend various activities, but Yu Duo was timid by nature. In the presence of the businessmen, she would not be able to perform well so he gave up on his idea.


But he never thought that after his death, Qiao Jiao would siphon a portion of his fortunes with the so-called will found in his office safe.


30%, more than six billion!


Before, he couldn’t figure it out. How could Qiao Jiao have such courage? Now, he finally understood.


Qiao Jiao and Qin Shao have no oral or physical communication, but from their eyes, he could see that the two were definitely not as simple as they seemed to be.


Fu Sinian knew that Qin Shao was ambitious and wished to annex Fu’s business, but did not expect that Qiao Jiao would become his person.


Fu Sinian had always been conceited, but now the facts were in front of him. He had to believe that he was negligent in this matter.


Now that Qiao Jiao and Qin Shao were collaborating, then the will…


Qiao Jiao could not have such a great ability to falsify a will on her own. Qin Shao might have had a hand behind this.


Thinking of this, Fu Sinian pondered.


Now Qiao Jiao had become Qin Shao’s woman. Qin Shao was even more powerful. Fu’s side had no spine. They could be said to just like loose sand. According to this situation, Fu’s may become Qin Shao’s property at a future time.


Yu Duo held 30% of all his fortune, including the shares of the Fu Group.


He understood that Qin Shao would not let her go, let alone her legacy.


Qiao Jiao on the seat seemed to notice Yu Duo, with her eyes zoomed in on her.


“What’s wrong? What are you looking at?” Yu Yang noticed Yu Duo’s expression and asked.


Yu Duo looked back at him and smiled, “It’s all right.”


The lights in the hall suddenly dimmed. Two lights fell on the two hosts on the stage.


The charity party began.


Yu Duo listened to the host’s speech and a bunch of lights followed the host’s introduction, shining on the guests on the guest table below.


When a beam of light hit Yu Duo, the curious eyes from all directions made Yu Duo somewhat uncomfortable, but she calmed down and greeted everyone with a smile.


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