The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 50

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Yu Duo has no interest in following through with the entire program at the dinner party; she was either wandering or occasionally whispering with Yu Yang.


The program was really boring. Yu Duo fled the banquet hall in the guise  of needing to go to the bathroom to catch a breather.


Coming out of the venue, it was the hotel garden. It was so dark in the night that no one could be seen.


“Miss Yu, it looks like you are in a good mood. Did you enjoy the moon this evening?”


A laugh came from behind her and Yu Duo didn’t need to look back to know who it was.


Turning around and looking back at Qiao Jiao’s beautiful face, Yu Duo grinded her teeth.


“Miss Qiao Jiao, please call me Mrs. Fu on this formal occasion.”


Qiao Jiao’s smile froze, but she soon began to smile as if nothing had happened.


Yu Duo just came out to breathe so she didn’t want to get angry.


“Miss Qiao Jiao, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go first.”


“I know that you entrusted lawyer Huang to investigate the will these two days. Mrs. Fu still thinks the will is a forgery? In fact, I can understand, after all, I and Sinian have been together for seven years…”


Yu Duo and Fu Sinian had been married for three years. According to Qiao Jiao’s logic, wasn’t Yu Duo the third party instead?


“Over the years, I’ve been with him and he said he’s very sorry for me. I think it’s probably because of this guilt that he left me 30% of his estate.”


Yu Duo and Fu Sinian watched her performance with a cold face.


“Mrs. Fu, 30% of the legacy may be very important to you, but for me, nothing is more important than the return of my boss. Do you understand?”


Understood, how did Yu Duo not understand?


Wasn’t Qiao Jiao trying to say that Yu Duo only had money in her eyes and she never loved Fu Sinian?


Yu Duo always felt that she had good acting skills but she was ashamed of herself in front of Qiao Jiao.


“You mean, Sinian loves you so much more than I?”


Qiao Jiao didn’t answer, her smile was intriguing.


“Unfortunately, I am Fu Sinian’s well-known wife. Fu Sinian may like you but in the eyes of outsiders, you are just a third wheel who destroys people’s families. Moreover, I have to tell you that before Fu Sinian’s death is recognized by the law, his money could only be controlled by me.”


Qiao Jiao wondered, “What do you mean?”


Yu Duo laughed: “Sinian had been committed to charity before his death. Now he is gone. Today happens to be a charity party, and as his wife, I can’t leave without donating something. If Sinian is here, I believe he will do the same thing.”


Back to the banquet hall, the charity dinner went to the final stage and the host finally read the thank-you list on the stage.


Long list read, “Thank you Mr. Yu Yangyu for the donation of 10 million Yuan to this charity party…”


“Thank you Mr. Qin Shaoqin for donating 50 million Yuan to this charity party…”


“Finally, I would like to thank Mrs. Fu for the donation of 80 million Yuan on behalf of Mr. Fu Sinian to this charity party. Although Mr. Fu is no longer here, we will remember his contribution to this charity party!”


As soon as Fu Sinian’s name was mentioned, the whole audience turned their attention to Yu Duo.


Even Fu Sinian looked at her in disbelief.


Before the donation announcement, he didn’t know how much Yu Duo would donate but he guessed that with Yu Duo’s money loving nature, she would not have donated too much. Unexpectedly, she was the biggest donor in this charity party.


“But do you know how dangerous it is for you to do so!” Fu Sinian looked at Yu Duo with a frown.
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