The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 51

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie


In the past two years, he had been striving to be one of the top ten outstanding young people. In the past two years, Fu Sinian had donated more than 100 million Yuan to charity.


Fu Sinian and Qin Shao had been fighting for a project for more than two years. The scale of the project was more than 10 billion Yuan. If one party could take control of this project, the other party would not be able to catch up at all. The government would tend to consider people’s (donating) nature.


That was to say, Yu Duo donated 80 million Yuan in his name today and his probability of obtaining the project increased. Although he died, Fu industry was still there and his legacy was still there. If the project was really taken by Fu, Qin Shao would not let Yu Duo go.


Being Qin Shao’s opponent for five years, Fu Sinian knew him all too well. Today, Yu Duo broke his plan and he would not let Yu Duo off so easily.


If Qin Shao did something to Yu Duo, he did not have the ability to protect her.


Fu Sinian’s eyes were heavy and for the first time he felt powerless about the situation.


“80 million?” Yu Yang was also surprised by the number.


Yu Duo smiled: “Yes, 80 million.”


She glanced at the angry Qiao Jiao. She thought that Qiao Jiao should understand what she had mentioned earlier.


She was Fu Sinian’s wife. Before Fu Sinian’s death, she was in charge of the inheritance of Fu Sinian. Whether she donates 80 million Yuan or 800 million Yuan, it was within her control.


Of course Qiao Jiao understood.


When Yu Duo donated 80 million Yuan in the name of Fu Sinian, she knew what this woman was demonstrating. For the next month, as Fu Sinian’s wife, Yu Duo could use Fu Sinian’s money rightfully. Yu Duo warned her in this way that she had the ability to donate all of Fu Sinian’s money!


As long as she wanted to!


Qiao Jiao clenched her fist and glared at Yu Duo with full of resentment.


The boring dinner finally ended after the host’s conclusion. After a warm applause, Yu Duo left with Yu Yang.


“Mrs. Fu,” Qin Shao said to Yu Duo, looking at her casually, “It’s better to see Mrs. Fu than to hear a hundred things. I used to wonder why Mr. Fu didn’t bring Mrs. Fu out. Now I understand that Mr. Fu had a treasure house.”


Yu Duo calmed down herself and was about to speak. Yu Yang smiled before her and said, “Hello, Mr. Qin. My name is Yu Yang. I’m Miss Yu’s friend and I have just returned.”


Qin Shao slowly looked at Yu Yang. “I’ve heard about Mr. Yu for a long time. If you don’t dislike it, I’d like to have a small reunion some other day.”


“No problem.”


Two people exchanged business card, Yu Duo stood on one side with unease.


“I heard that Mrs. Fu and Mr. Fu are very kind. I thought it was just a rumour. I don’t expect it to be true. Otherwise, how could Mrs. Fu donate 80 million Yuan in the name of Mr. Fu after his death?”


Yu Duo said with a smile, “Sinian liked to do these charities in his lifetime and I support him very much. Now he is gone, I am just fulfilling his wishes.”


Qin Shao had a calm expression.


“Mrs. Fu is really kind. It’s too late today. I’ll invite Mrs. Fu to have a meal some other day. I hope Mrs. Fu will appreciate it.”


When she didn’t know how to answer, Yu Duo just kept on smiling.


Qin Shao took a deep look at Yu Duo and left.


Yu Duo breathed a sigh of relief.


During this charity party, her nerves were very tensed. She couldn’t relax at all. In the future, she should attend fewer of such parties. It was a very tiring affair.


“Miss Qiao Jiao.” With her sharp eyes, Yu Duo saw Qiao Jiao in the crowd at a glance and stopped her. “I saw a sapphire necklace yesterday, only twenty million Yuan. I used to hear Sinian praising you and saying that you have a good eye. Do you have time to accompany me to view this necklace some other day?”


Qiao Jiao’s face turned stiff as she answered: “How can I accompany you?”


“Miss Qiao Jiao, wouldn’t you like to view it together with me?”


“I’m sorry Mrs. Fu, I don’t have enough time these days.”


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