The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 52


T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
“Miss Qiao Jiao, would you like to view it together with me?”


“I’m sorry, Mrs. Fu. I haven’t had enough time these days.”


Yu Duo said in a regretful tone: “Well, since Miss Qiao Jiao has no time, I’m not in a dilemma. But that necklace is quite cheap. It only costs 20 million Yuan.”


Qiao Jiao turned livid.


“Yu Yang, do you know any other charities?”


Yu Yang knew about the will and probably guessed what was going on in Yu Duo’s mind so he immediately smiled, “Of course, I know. Want to go there right now?”


“I didn’t understand why Sinian was so attached to the charity. Today, after I participated in it, I realized that it’s really a happy thing to help others. I think that Sinian’s soul in heaven will also want me to do it.”


Qiao Jiao forced a pale smile. “Is Mrs. Fu going to donate Mr. Fu’s entire legacy?”


“I heard that Bill Gates donated $58 billion in his name to the charity foundation. Fu Sinian is dead and I think he would not have any opinion about it. What does Miss Qiao Jiao think?”


‘You want to bully me and steal my property?’


‘I won’t give it to you even if I have to donate it all…’
Qiao Jiao’s face was so ugly that it couldn’t be uglier. It’s almost on the verge of collapse.


She took a deep breath and tried her best to keep a smile on her face.


Qiao Jiao felt that she would get mad if she continued to talk with Yu Duo here. She gnashed her teeth and said, “Yes, you can do whatever you like. Please help yourself, Mrs. Fu!”


As soon as Qiao Jiao left, Yu Duo laughed directly.


Yu Yang looked at Yu Duo who was trembling with laughter and said, “So happy?”


“Of course!” Yu Duo’s eyebrows fluttered. “She wants to take 30% of my heritage. Dream on! I will not give it to her even if I have to donate it all away!”


Looking at Yu Duo’s brilliant smile, Yu Yang’s lips unconsciously formed a smile and his eyes softened a lot.


“I didn’t see you eating a lot at the party. Why don’t we go for dinner?”


When Yu Yang mentioned this, Yu Duo really did feel a little hungry. After tormenting Qiao Jiao, she was very happy and had an appetite.




As soon as she got out of the banquet hall, Yu Duo, who was wearing a tuxedo, shuddered. Yu Yang saw it and took off his suit. He could not help but cover Yu Duo with it.


Yu Duo subconsciously wanted to return the coat to Yu Yang.


Knowing her concerns, Yu Yang explained in a low voice, “Don’t worry, no one will see it.”


It’s really warm after putting on his coat.


“Thank you.”


Fu Sinian’s face was even uglier than that of Qioa Jiao who had just been mad at Yu Duo.


I’m worried for you here, but you are a woman without conscience!


The place where the two eat was a western restaurant. The steak was tender and the wine was mellow. Because it was  very late into the night, only a few tables were occupied in such a big restaurant.


The atmosphere was ambient.


Fu Sinian sat aside and looked coldly at the two persons who were having a candlelight dinner together.


“Well, it’s not to your taste?”


“Well, it’s delicious,” Yu Duo said with a small smile. “Even what my aunt made is not so delicious.”


Yu Yang asked, “Why didn’t Fu Sinian bring you here?”


Yu Duo bit the small piece of steak on the fork, her eyes narrowed happily. She answered without care, “He’s busy and doesn’t have time for it.”


Fu Sinian, sitting on one side, was silent.


It was an indisputable fact that he was so busy with the company that he neglected Yu Duo to a great extent.
Yu Yang was silent. Looking at Yu Duo, he seemed to have made up his mind and slowly said, “If you like it, I will take you to eat more delicious food later.”


The meaning of this was very clear.


Yu Duo pretended to not have understood and answered, “No, even what my aunt cooked is delicious. Don’t bother, you must be very busy.”

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