The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 53

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
“I’m busy but I can make time to take you out for dinner.” Yu Yang put down his knife and fork, “Duo Duo, Fu Sinian have not treated you well, has he?”


“No, he has been very good to me.”


“If he has been really good to you, why did he not bring you out for dinner? Also about that will, will a man who really loves you do so?” Yu Yang frowned and said, “I know, I’ve done a lot of wrong things before but I just want to make up for it now. Can you forget that half-hearted man?”


“Yu Yang…” Yu Duo answered with embarrassment.


Yu Yang did not wait for her to say but directly interrupted her: “Duo Duo give me a chance. I will prove to you that I love you more than Fu Sinian!”


To tell the truth, Yu Duo didn’t feel much about Yu Yang but every time she met Yu Yang, she felt warm in her heart. Yu Yang was very considerate and could take care of people. He was much better than Fu Sinian.


Fu Sinian looked at Yu Duo nervously lest Yu Duo agreed at last.


Yu Duo thought about it and finally shook her head. “I’m sorry. I’m still Mrs. Fu…”


She couldn’t do the same thing as what Qiao Jiao did.


Her marriage was not over. Although Fu Sinian was not loyal to the marriage, she couldn’t be like him.


Yu Yang vowed, “I can wait for you! One month later, Fu Sinian will be considered legally dead. At that time, I will propose again.”


Fu Sinian was relieved.


A candlelight dinner ended in a warm atmosphere.


When they left, Yu Duo returned the coat to Yu Yang.


Yu Yang took the coat. “I will drop you off.”


“No, the car is there,” Yu duo pointed to a car not far away. “Xiao Zhang came to pick me up. It’s late. You should go back to rest early.”


Yu Yang nodded and watched her get in the car and leave.


In the middle of night, there were few vehicles on the spacious road.


Yu Duo looked outside the window and yawned.




This kind of dinner was really frustrating. At the end of the day, her bones felt like they were about to fall apart.


She was going to take a hot bath and have a good sleep at home.


A strong blinding light shone from a distance.


Fu Sinian looked at the oncoming big truck in the distance and frowned. He had a feeling that something wrong was about to happen.


The big truck kept speeding up faster and faster. At a distance of less than 10 meters, that big truck suddenly jumped lanes and proceeded straight toward Yu Duo’s car.


At the last moment, Xiao Zhang relied on the subconscious reaction and the steering wheel suddenly turned to the left. The car’s tires slid on the ground, making a sharp and harsh sound.


It was because of Xiao Zhang’s reaction that the two vehicles narrowly missed each other and hit the road railing instead.




Fu Sinian had been prepared for this. He suddenly threw Yu Duo down in the back seat and firmly protected her.


(T/N: I don’t know how he can do that in astral form.)

Under the violent impact, Yu Duo felt pain all over her body. A second before she fell into a coma, she heard a familiar voice.


“Be careful!”


Fu Sinian?
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