The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 54

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
When the strong pungent smell of disinfectant wafted into Yu Duo’s nasal cavity, she frowned. Her eyebrows knitted, apparently she had trouble sleeping very easily.


The sunlight shone through the gaps in the curtains, brightening up the room little by little.


Yu Duo slowly opened her eyes on the hospital bed and the white ceiling reflected in her eyes. The pungent smell awakened her senses and reminded her of her recent experience.


Her last memories were of the dark night, the dazzling headlights, the harsh sound of friction and a violent impact.


And that sentence that she was very familiar with. Be careful.


Traffic accident? In hospital? Fu Sinian?


A series of questions flashed in Yu Duo’s mind.


She sat up and looked around with a blank mind. Her rusty brain began to work slowly.


After a life-threatening car accident, Yu Duo felt that her energy and spirit had been emptied out. Her eyes lost focus and she stared at the same spot for a very long time. Her face paled as she remembered the scene of the traffic accident last night. She remembered clearly, at that time, she seemed to have heard a voice.


At that time, there was only Xiao Zhang in the car. The voice was not Xiao Zhang’s but it was a bit like… Fu Sinian’s.


Fu Sinian?


Yu Duo reflected on whether she had hallucinations but the voice felt real as if it rang into her ear.


Was she dreaming…


How could she hear Fu Sinian’s voice last night?


The ward door opened.


When the nurse came in, she saw Yu Duo who had woken up and cried out in surprise, “Mrs. Fu is awake!”


After a moment, the door of the ward was pushed open and Ah Chi rushed in.


He stood at the edge of the hospital bed. He bent over and stared at Yu Duo with an intense emotion reflected  in her eyes.


Very soon later, the sounds of many footsteps came from outside the ward, including Aunty Lian and several doctors in white coats.


Yu Duo turned her aching neck and looked at Ah Chi in daze. “Ah Chi, I felt like I heard the voice of… Sinian.”


Ah Chi was stunned and kept rooted in the same place. His expression changed from tense to being stunned. His eyes were full of restlessness and indignation. At last, he turned around and said, “Don’t speak of such things, sister-in-law…”


“I really heard Fu Sinian’s voice,” Yu Duo thought about it more and more. Fearing that Ah Chi would not believe her, she emphasized: “I didn’t lie to you, it’s true!”


“Sister in law, calm down!” Ah Chi took a deep breath and looked at Yu Duo with caution. He told her seriously word by word as if she was trying to wake Yu Duo up from her dream, “Big brother is already gone!”


“I know he’s gone, but I really heard his voice,” Yu Duo asked her, “You don’t believe me?”


Aunt quickly added: “At home, even I often hear Mr. Fu’s voice.”


“Is it?” Yu Duo looked at Ah Chi and said excitedly, “Look, even my aunt often hears Sinian’s voice.”


Ah Chi looked at Yu Duo in silence.


He knew that his older brother had passed away two months ago but the her elder sister-in-law had not been able to move on from it. He thought that after going abroad for a month to relax, her elder sister-in-law would have recovered from her trauma, but he didn’t expect that she was more and more unable to let go and was getting increasingly fixated to her delusion.


Elder brother passed away two months ago. How can she still hear his voice?


Ah Chi couldn’t bear with it and just wanted to talk but he was interjected by Aunt Lian.


Aunt Lian gave him a look and shook her head. She motioned to him to play along with Yu Duo’s words.


“Well, sister-in-law, I believe you.” He asked with a smile, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”


Yu Duo smiled and said, “I am fine but my neck hurts a little. By the way, what happened about the car accident?”


There were some dim emotions hidden under Ah Chi’s eyes.


Last night, Yu Duo had a car accident and she knew all about it.


The big truck suddenly changed the lanes at a distance of ten meters from Yu Duo’s car. The driver did not slow down and even stepped on the accelerator to the end. The goal was clear. It was directed at Yu Duo’s car, the purpose was to murder!


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