The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 55

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie


If it wasn’t for the driver Xiao Zhang’s rich experience, they would not have survived this catastrophe.


“Don’t worry Sister-in-law, I will investigate the car accident.”


“By the way, where is Xiao Zhang?”


Yu Duo suddenly thought of the driver Xiao Zhang and her heartbeat suddenly increased.


Xiao Zhang was her driver. She didn’t know about his injuries but it was probable that his injuries were not minor.


“Don’t worry sister-in-law, Xiao Zhang just suffered some minor skin injuries. He is in the ward next door. It’s not a big deal.”


Yu Duo was relieved.


The doctor came to check her body and Yu Duo clearly heard Ah Chi explained to the doctor, “Check her brain.”


‘Is she suspecting that something went wrong with my head?’


Yu Duo just wanted to speak but was interrupted by the nurse, “Mrs. Fu, we’re going to draw your  blood.”


After nearly an hour of examination, the doctor concluded that Yu Duo was completely fine which was a very fortunate thing. It could be said that there were no injuries on her body. At the same time, he also suggested that if Yu Duo was not assured, she could continue to be hospitalized for two days.


Yu Duo didn’t want to remain in the hospital. She didn’t like the smell of hospital cleaning liquids and immediately refused, “No, I am not injured.”


“Why are you not staying here?” Aunt Lian pleaded with red eyes, “You had a car accident last night! You should remain in hospital observation for two more days.”


Knowing the news of Yu Duo’s accident last night, Aunt Lian rushed over from the villa overnight and stayed up all night. Her eyes turned red because of it.


Yu Duo had no resistance to those who cared about her so she had to promise to remain in the hospital for another two more days.




However, at the same time when Yu Duo woke up, in a hospital hundreds of kilometres away from S City, Fu Sinian slowly opened his eyes.


This was a county-level hospital. Fu Sinian was found by passers-by and sent to the hospital two months ago. however, at that time, Fu Sinian didn’t have anything to prove his identity. The hospital treated him out of moral obligation. What the doctors couldn’t understand was that after examination, Fu Sinian didn’t have any major diseases or injuries. It could even be said that Fu Sinian was much healthier than his peers. But such a healthy man remained unconscious for the past two months.


“Sir, are you awake?”


“Sir? What are you talking about Yu Duo? Who is Yu Duo? “


“Wife? Sir? Wake up, sir…”




After staying in the hospital for two days, Yu Duo was able to escape from the hospital and return to the villa after the doctor repeatedly checked and ensured her health.


But to her surprise, no matter where she went, people followed her in and out. The security detail and measures in the villa were raised to the highest level.


Even Ah Chi had returned to the villa.


With such large scale changes, Yu Duo could sense something unusual was going about.


And these two days, even Aunt Lian was acting strangely. She couldn’t wait to stare at her all the time.


She didn’t know what happened.


Yu Duo sighed. Although the situation inside the villa was strange in the daytime, it was calm in the evening. it looked like Fu Sinian’s voice that day was really her illusion.


Coming down from upstairs, when passing by the study room, the voice of Ah Chi and Aunt Lian conversing came faintly from the half hidden study door.


“Aunt Lian, I’ve been bothering you during this time.”


Bother? Yu Duo didn’t understand. She frowned and continued to listen.
“Don’t worry, I will take good care of ma’am. But what you said is too frightening. Is it true? The accident that happened to ma’am was premeditated?”


When Yu Duo heard the words “premeditated”, Yu Duo’s heart jumped. She stood in place and listened carefully.


Man-made accident, that someone deliberately arranged?


“I’m sure it’s not an accident. My sister-in-law is the target.”


“But she doesn’t offend people at ordinary times. Who is so cruel and wants to snuff her life?”


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