The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 56

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Yu Duo’s heart trembled in fear.


‘Yeah, who is so cruel that they want my life?’


Just now when she overheard the conversation between Aqi and Aunt Lian, she immediately understood what Ah Chi had arranged for in this period of time.


(T/N: She is referring to the sharp increase in security detail.)


Yu Duo asked herself: “In the past three years, I have always been kind to others and have never had a feud with others. How could someone be so vicious and want to harm me?”




She really had a feud recently.


Qiao Jiao…


At the charity dinner that day, in order to suppress Qiao Jiao, she donated 80 million Yuan in Fu Sinian’s honour. She even provoked Qiao Jiao by saying that she wanted to continue donating further.


‘In order to stop me from donating 20 Billion Yuan, Qiao Jiao wants to kill me?’


‘I just want money, but Qiao Jiao wants my life for money?’


‘Is this woman so cruel?’


“The matter about the will has been going viral for the past two days. After elder brother left, the family has become more and more unstable!”


“Aunt Lian, I’ll talk to you about the will first. I can guarantee that the will that Qiao Jiao revealed is forged. Based on my understanding of elder brother, he would not have made such a will. So I have been investigating the will for a while. Since Qiao Jiao dares to forge the will, I will surely find evidence of her forgery!”


“Fake?” Aunt Lian’s surprised voice came, causing Yu Duo to take a breath.


‘The will is forged!?’


Yu Duo felt as if everything had been brought to light. Yes, if the will was forged, then all this made sense.


Qiao Jiao was willing to take the risk of forging a will to swallow 30% of the fortune.


But just now Yu Duo said in front of Qiao Jiao that she would donate all Fu Sinian’s legacy. That was to say, she told Qiao Jiao that all she had done was counter-productive!


Her behaviour was simply forcing Qiao Jiao to jump off the cliff!


Seeing that she couldn’t get a cent, how could Qiao Jiao stand still? So Qiao Jiao must have decided to bet everything on this ploy.


Find a car to crash into Yu Duo’s car, and even if she was not dead, she would be disabled. She would be forced to stay in the hospital for several months. Fu Sinian would be considered dead one month later and thus Qiao Jiao would smoothly and successfully obtain her portion of the fortune.


Such a well planned plot! Truly terrifying!


She always thought that Qiao Jiao’s character was problematic, but Yu Duo didn’t expect that this woman was so vicious. For money, she wouldn’t stop at anything. Even if she had to kill someone!


Wasn’t that just six billion?


In order to survive, Yu Duo pretended in front of Fu Sinian for three years which was enough to see how much she cherished her life.


Since Ah Chi was looking for the evidence on Qiao Jiao’s forged will, it was better to let Ah Chi investigate it first. Her life was very important.


In S City, Qin Shao ’s Qin Family and Fu Sinian ’s Fu ’s Family Company are involved in the same industry. Naturally, competition within the industry was unavoidable, but Qin Shao inherited a family industry. Fu Sinian on the other hand, emerged suddenly as a rising star, and later came on top. He stood toe to toe against Qin Shao for five years and that was purely by Fu Sinian’s own ability.


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