The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 57

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
But now Fu Sinian was dead. Everyone agreed that without Fu Sinian, Fu Corporation would go downhill and become a group of loose sand, sooner or later. At that time, it would be swallowed up by Qin Shao sooner or later.


The business world was like a battlefield. One must be alive to be able to have the last laugh in the end. (T/N: You have to be alive to win.)


Fu Sinian’s company and Qin Shao’s company were like two giant beasts entangled in the prosperous S-city, which was an interesting point to note.


They eyed each other and waited for the other party to show any sign of weakness. Once they spot it, they wouldn’t spare any effort in tearing each other apart.




At 12:00 midnight, the busy city centre was slightly deserted. The bright street lights along the road illuminated the whole stretch of the street as if it was daytime.


Qiao Jiao drove out of Fu’s parking lot. After driving around several streets, she drove into Qin’s underground parking lot and took the elevator all the way up to the 21st floor.


It was Qin Shao’s office floor.


The 21st floor was very quiet at this moment. The corridor was dimly lit and only a few company employees could be seen.


She walked all the way straight and pushed Qin Shao’s office door open.


The spacious and bright office had a ceiling window. Qin Shao sat in a comfortable boss chair, overlooking the night scene of the whole city. When he heard the sound of opening the door, he seemed to have a premonition for the arrival of Qiao Jiao, “Why are you here?”


Qiao Jiao sat directly at Qin Shao’s desk with unease. She lit a cigarette and smoked impatiently, “I’m in trouble.”


Qin Shao took a look at her and said, “What’s the trouble?”


“Ah Chi is investigating me. If he finds out the evidence about the will, I will be finished!”


“Do you doubt my abilities?”


Qiao Jiao tilted her face and said with knitted eyebrows, “I didn’t say that.”


“Don’t worry, even if Ah Chi checks everything, he will not find anything. It’s only half a month since Fu Sinian’s death. Don’t mess up in this period.” Qin Shao looked at her with a smile. He got up and put his hand on Qiao Jiao’s shoulder. “Fu Sinian is dead. Sooner or later, Fu Corporation will become a pile of loose sand. You have deep knowledge about the Fu family and you are qualified to come in touch with that project. Stay well. I won’t treat you badly in the future. It’s best not to meet again until after you obtain the fortune.”


“I know.”


Qiao Jiao knew that she shouldn’t come to meet Qin Shao at this critical moment. But she did not pay it any heed because she was inexplicably worried.


She couldn’t find any flaws in her original plan. Everything was almost certain.


She didn’t know where the inexplicable fear came from so she just wanted to hear words that would reassure her.


“What’s more, Fu Sinian’s wife isn’t creating trouble after she was scared by you. I know that you have old grudges with her. But now is a crucial time. You should hold back. Moreover, Fu Sinian’s dogs are around her. If you don’t offend them, they will not do anything. Do you understand?”


Qiao Jiao sneered in her heart. She knew that Qin Shao wouldn’t let anything happen to her till he got what he wanted. But now that she was on Qin Shao’s boat and there was no turning back. She didn’t believe that Yu Duo could turn the tides.


When she got the inheritance, Fu Corporation would be destroyed. She wanted to see how that woman would continue to act with arrogance in front of her in the future!


After thinking about this, Qiao Jiao was in a calmer mood. She put the cigarette butt in the ashtray and said in a light sweet tone, “I understand.”
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