The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 58

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Since last month’s incident, Yu Duo had been very cautious. She didn’t go out very much. Even when she went out, someone would follow her.


Fu Sinian’s death was going to be officially recognized soon but Ah Chi still didn’t discover any clue.


Yu Duo was worried. Although she knew that the will was a fake, she couldn’t do anything about it.


“Would you like some more, madam? I don’t see you eating anything these days.”


Yu Duo really had no appetite. After two mouthfuls of porridge, she stopped eating. “I can’t finish it.”


“Madam, you should eat more. Look at you; you have lost a lot of weight recently.”


“Thin?” Yu Duo pinched her waist. “But I think I’m fat.”


“Which part of you is fat! There is no fat.” Looking at Yu Duo who was not satisfied with her devilish figure, Aunt Lian was very worried and muttered to herself, “You, young people are always worried about getting fat. But I think it’s better to be fat. Madam, you’re too thin!”


At the end, Yu Duo compromised and took two more spoonfuls of porridge.


In the living room, Fu Sinian’s photos had not been removed. Yu Duo stood in front of his photos and sighed, “Sorry, I may not be able to protect your money.”


I am deceived of 6 billion… No, Qiao Jiao and Fu Shinian’s uncle’s shares totalled to 12.3 billion.


Such a large sum of money would fall into other people’s pockets, how could she not be angry?


“Ah Chi, you are here?” Aunt Lian stood at the door with a smile and took a pair of clean shoes for Ah Chi. She whispered, “How is it? Have you found something?”


Ah Chi shook his head.


Aunt Lian became anxious. “Today is the last day. If we can’t find any evidence, what will… happen?”


“Ah Chi?” Yu Duo heard Ah Chi’s voice at the door and walked over.


During this time, she had pinned her hopes on Ah Chi, hoping that he could find evidence about forgery soon and bring Qiao Jiao to justice.


“Sister in law,” Ah Chi said in an embarrassed tone. He couldn’t find any evidence about the will’s forgery. He didn’t dare to look into Yu Duo’s eyes. “My company has not been able to unearth anything. I’m a little tired…”


After hearing Ah Chi said this, Yu Duo murmured in her heart. ‘From his tone, it seems that he couldn’t uncover any evidence.’


But then again, since Qiao Jiao dared to let her verify the authenticity of the will, she must be fully prepared. How could it be so easy for Ah Chi to find evidence?


She forced herself to smile, knowing that Ah Chi was probably not feeling well. She said with a sigh, “Then, have a good rest.”


At three o’clock in the afternoon, Qiao Jiao and Sinian’s uncle, as well as a number of lawyers, arrived at the villa.


Qiao Jiao, as always, wore eight centimetre high-heeled sandals without any makeup. Her eyes were very different from those of a month ago. She was bossy, arrogant, and looked at the villa as if she was looking at her own belongings, as if she did not treat herself as an outsider.


Uncle sat comfortably on the sofa. But while looking at Yu Duo, he forced out a sad look. “Duo Duo, what day is it today? I think you should know better than uncle.”


After that he turned around and looked at Fu Sinian’s photos. “In the past three months, even if we have a lot of perseverance in mind, it should be time for Sinian to rest, don’t you think?”


Qiao Jiao followed his uncle’s words: “Yes, it’s been three months. If Sinian didn’t die, he would be back by now. When I was a child, I heard the old man in my family say that if people don’t get the recognition of their relatives after death, their soul will not be at peace after death.”


Even aunt stood on one side and watched the two perform. She knew that the will was forged. But as an outsider, she could do nothing but worry.


“About the will, have you verified it?”
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