The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 59

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Looked like, cheeks of these two were built by the first emperor of Qin because they were even thicker than the Great Wall of China.


A lawyer spread out the documents that had already been prepared earlier. “Mrs. Fu, Mr. Fu is a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist. I feel sad about Mr. Fu’s death but I also ask Mrs. Fu to get over this. Here is a will that Mr. Fu entrusted me with before his death which needs to be announced after his death…”


Yu Duo looked at the well-dressed lawyer. She couldn’t help but lament that people now could do anything for money.


The lawyer detailed the division of Fu’s legacy, including Fu’s shares in Fu’s group, real estate and deposits under his name.


Listening to the lawyer’s words, uncle’s smile gradually spread to the corner of his eyebrows and the layers of folds could not be hidden.


Ah Chi who was standing on one side sneered: “Uncle, a man must have a clear conscience.”


Uncle took a look at Ah Chi. He gave a low cough and said in a slightly reproachful tone: “Ah Chi, what are you speaking? For so many years, your uncle has been doing good things. I have a clear conscience!”


Qiao Jiao looked at him and asked with a smile, “Ah Chi thinks that the inheritance left by Sinian to you is less?”


Ah Chi leaned back and said while clenching his teeth: “Big brother, he won’t leave me any inheritance.”


“Hasn’t he already left an inheritance to you?” Uncle didn’t want the atmosphere to be ruined by Ah Chi at this critical moment. He said bitterly: “You have been with Sinian for five years and have done a lot of things for him. He always treats you as a brother. How can he not leave you an inheritance? Don’t look down on yourself.”


Ah Chi looked at his uncle coldly. “Uncle, what’s the matter with this will? I think we all know that I can’t find any evidence due to my incompetence. But I also ask uncle to remember that whatever people are doing, God is watching it. Sooner or later, there will be retribution!”


As for Ah Chi’s words, uncle didn’t care. He laughed it off as he thought that Ah Chi didn’t know the height of the world.


“Well, if you have no other questions about the will or the division of the estate, please sign the document.”


Uncle and Qiao Jiao signed the documents happily, and then the pen was sent to Yu Duo’s hand. Looking at the signing place, the pen in her hand seemed to be as heavy as a mountain.


Once signed, Fu Sinian’s legacy would be divided. However, whether she signed or not, the outcome would not change much.




Today was a nice day with a clear sky.


Three cars appeared on a wide road entering the villa. They roared on the road and finally stopped in front of the villa.


A sharp sound of tire friction came from outside the villa. From far to near, the sounds of hurried footsteps came. Yu Duo felt slightly stunned. This sound seemed familiar.


The door opened and Yu Duo looked towards the door.


Everyone saw a tall and straight man dressed in a proper suit. He was walking in from the outside as if he was coming home from work as usual. With a relaxed posture, he sat at Yu Duo’s side and held her thin waist as if it belonged to him. Then he grabbed the pen in her hand and brought her into his arms.


Then he glanced at the document regarding the division of inheritance. His face became ice cold and his eyes were shooting daggers.


“What? You began to divide my property before I even died?”
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