The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 60

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
There was pin drop silence in the living room.


Everyone looked at Fu Sinian who had been missing till now but had come back from death with varied expressions.


“… Big brother?”


“Sir?” Aunt Lian cried with joy, “You… you’re all right. Where have you been during this time?”


The uncle stuttered, “Sinian… you’re not dead? What is going on here?”


“President Fu…” Qiao Jiao was surprised for a moment but soon she turned fearful.


Although the people who were present at that time did not witness it, the investigation results after the incident indicated that the yacht traveling in the boundless sea exploded. The hull was seriously damaged. Most of the people on board were either killed or injured and Fu Sinian disappeared into the boundless sea.


The rescue team searched the nearby 20 kilometre wide sea area for three days but failed to locate him. At that time, the experienced rescue team experts euphemistically informed the family that Fu Sinian’s chance of survival was almost zero.


Everyone thought that Fu Sinian had died in the explosion and sank to the bottom of the sea. Although his body could not be found, they still prepared a funeral for him.


After three months, how could this man return from the dead?


In these three months, where did Fu Sinian go and what happened?


If he was fine, why did it take three months for him to return home?


Most of the people present were nervous.


“Don’t worry, Aunt Lian. I’m fine. I’ll explain what happened to you later. Today I just want to deal with this matter”, he said while holding a thin waist that was obviously stiff and dared not move. With his other hand he held a document in one hand, looking at the contents of the will thoroughly and cautiously. After reading the will, he threw the document on the tea table with a thud.


That ‘thud’ hit everyone’s heart like a heavy hammer.


Fu Sinian’s cold and fierce eyes swept over the crowd one by one, with one hand resting on the document. Fu Sinian’s voice was slow and steady, word by word, full of weight. “I just want to know what happened to this will.”


Fu Sinian glanced at them and said, “Who is so bold and dare to forge a will?”


Qiao Jiao avoided answering. His uncle’s eyes wandered. The lawyer who read the will was sitting there silently. For a while, no one spoke.


“Doesn’t anyone know where this will come from?” Fu Sinian looked at his uncle and his face frosted a little. “Uncle, do you know where this will originate from?”


When Qiao Jiao took out this will, uncle was very happy.


Thirty percent of the inheritance was 6 to 7 billion Yuan. With so much money, his undisciplined son and grandson would be able to survive in the future.


Qiao Jiao told him that to get the inheritance, he had to do what she said.


At that time, uncle had already guessed that this will was a forgery.


Now when Fu Sinian confronted him with questions, he panicked. When he saw Fu Sinian, he clamped his tail like an old fox.


He took a look at Qiao Jiao and said, “It’s… I, I am not very clear.”


Then he said, trying to change the subject, “Sinian, where have you been in the past three months? Why haven’t you returned home? Do you know how much we have worried about you in the past three months?”


Fu Sinian smiled mildly. “Uncle, I don’t want to talk about it today. I mainly want to make things clear about the will. After all, I can’t bear to let someone do such a thing right under my nose.”

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