The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 61

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

He glanced over and looked at the lawyer. The lawyer hurriedly looked up and adjusted the glasses on his nose bridge. Finally he lowered his head in guilt.


Fu Sinian didn’t seem to intend to get any answer from his uncle’s mouth. He pointed at Ah Chi and asked, “Ah Chi, according to this will, you will get 10% of inheritance. You should be clear about it so tell me about it!”


Ah Chi had been in a trance since Fu Sinian entered inside. Now after listening to Fu Sinian’s words, his eyes went red. “Brother, this will… is found by Qiao Jiao in the office safe.”


Fu Sinian looked at Qiao Jiao, “Is that so?”


Qiao Jiao lost her earlier arrogance which she had when she had arrived at the Fu mansion. Her face went pale. Her left hand, which was covered by her right hand, was trembling. No matter how hard she tried to calm her left hand, she couldn’t stop its trembling. Looking carefully, one could even see her clenched teeth trembling in fear.


Being beside Fu Sinian for seven years, Qiao Jiao knew very well what kind of person he was. It was because of this that she was afraid. She knew that Fu Sinian would not let her off.


He would never allow it!


But today she couldn’t just sit still and wait for the end. She must walk out of Fu’s mansion safely. Otherwise her life might end right here and then.


“I… when I was checking the contents of the safe in the office that day, it was Assistant Chen who took out the contents of your safe. I don’t know why the will appeared in your safe. “


“You mean, you don’t know where the will that gave you 30% of the inheritance came from?”


Qiao Jiao once again asserted that the will had nothing to do with her, “I don’t know.”


Fu Sinian looked at Qiao Jiao, “Qiao Jiao, have you been with me for seven years?”


“Yes, seven years.”


“Seven years…” Fu Sinian looked at her silently and the entire living room remained absolutely silent. It was so quiet that one could hear his own breathing. The atmosphere was very oppressive and everyone held their breath with the fear of breaking Fu Sinian’s train of thought.


“But you still don’t know one thing. In addition to the two cameras, there is also another hidden camera in my office.”


When Qiao Jiao heard this, her lips slightly parted and her pupils slightly enlarged. She stared at Fu Sinian with an unbelievable expression. She couldn’t sit still anymore. Her straight spine suddenly lost its strength and she collapsed.


She leaned back on the sofa and a mist gradually formed in her eyes.


Since Fu Sinian had a hidden camera in her office that she didn’t know about, it meant that Fu Sinian had no trust in her before that.


She spoiled the ship for a penny worth of tar. The efforts of many days were laid to waste.


Qiao Jiao reluctantly looked at Fu Sinian, “I don’t know what happened to this will.”


Fu Sinian’s eyes flashed with cold intent. He said in a cold and slightly indifferent tone: “30% of the inheritance belongs to your name, Qiao Jiao. You and I worked together for seven years but I never knew that you still had such ambitions. Who do you think you are? Just an assistant of the President of the Fu Corporation! Do you think we have any personal relationship that will allow me to give you this 30% of the legacy?!”


Qiao Jiao always knew her identity. She was just unwilling to face the reality. She was no worse than Yu Duo. Why could Yu Duo get all of this including Fu Sinian easily? She tried hard to get close to Fu Sinian for seven years. But in the end, she gained nothing!


She couldn’t easily admit that she was at the dead end. She was still valuable to Qin Shao. Qin Shao wouldn’t just watch her ruin like this, there must be a way!


Qiao Jiao’s further silence only made Fu Sinian’s glare look even darker. “You’ve let me down!”


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