The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 62


T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Qiao Jiao’s further silence only made Fu Sinian’s glare look even darker. “You’ve let me down!”


It could be said that at this moment, in Fu Sinian’s eyes, Qiao Jiao had been sentenced to death.


Instead of questioning Qiao Jiao, he turned his eyes to the lawyer who had been sitting there for a long time.


The lawyer’s hand trembled and he could not stop stammering, “I… I … My surname is Chang.”


“Lawyer Chang, you were the one that wrote my will?”


Lawyer Chang’s forehead was full of cold sweat.


“It seems that it’s true because I have never made a will. I don’t know how lawyer Chang could flawlessly conjure a document out of nothing?”


Lawyer Chang’s lips twitched but no words came out. In the cool weather of October, a fine layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.


“Forget it, since lawyer Chang doesn’t want to speak then I won’t ask.”


“No, Mr. Fu, I…”


Before Lawyer Chang finished speaking, several policemen came in from the outside. After identifying their identities, they asked Qiao Jiao, lawyer Chang and Uncle to go to the police station to assist in handling the case about the forged will.


“Sinian, what’s the matter? Why should I go to the police station to help with the investigation? I’m old and muddleheaded. I don’t know anything about this will!”


“Uncle, if it’s none of your business, you will be fine.”




“Ah Chi, send Uncle to the car.”


“Yes, Big brother.”


Ah Chi hurriedly got up, full of confidence, and held his uncle firmly. No matter what Uncle said, he turned a deaf ear and forced him to the police car.


Qiao Jiao slowly stood up and looked at Fu Sinian, who was not moved at all. She clenched her fists and tried to put a final struggle. “Fu Sinian… I have been with you for seven years. I’ve accompanied you to the banquets. I’ve drunk until I vomited for projects. I haven’t even got a home yet. I have been working overtime. I’ve paid so much for you and the company. I…… “


“You have been with me for seven years, you should know more about what should be done and what should not be done,” Fu Sinian stared at her coldly without a trace of mercy. “Qiao Jiao, you must understand that you have done something illegal! As for everything you have done for the company, the company will remember.”


With a bleak smile on her face, Qiao Jiao stared at Fu Sinian with intense emotions. Her eyes gradually hardened. Not wanting to never insult herself anymore, she left the villa without saying a word.


Aunt Lian looked at the door of the villa and the sullen feeling in her heart finally went away.


She went to Fu Sinian with a happy face and said with a smile, “Sir, where have you been in these past three months? We have been anxious to death!”


“Aunt Lian, this matter is not urgent. I will talk about it later.”


“Ah, yes!” Aunt Lian looked at Yu Duo who had been leaning on Fu Sinian. Knowing that the young couple had been reunited after a long time, there must be a lot to say. She won’t stay here as a third wheel.


After Aunt Lian left, the whole villa sank into an eerie silence.


Of course, the one with the most anxiety was Yu Duo.


After Fu Sinian returned to the villa, the initial surprise was completely washed away by her anxiety. Especially when Fu Sinian sat beside her, she even dared not to move an inch.


Her hands and legs were stiff, especially the waist held by Fu Sinian.


In the whole process, she didn’t hear a word of what Fu Sinian said. Just as before, she leaned on Fu Sinian’s chest obediently. Even her breathing slowed down and three sentences floated back and forth in her mind.


——Fu Sinian is not dead.
——Fu Sinian is back.
——It’s over.


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