The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 63

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
It’s over…


Yu Duo was flustered and had the impulse to run away but her remaining reason reminded her that she could never do it.


She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.


Yu Duo didn’t know what went wrong and how a person who should be dead returned alive. She only knew that everything that happened during this time must not be known by Fu Sinian!


A wise man submits to circumstances. Since Fu Sinian was not dead, she would continue to act just as before.


She knew the routine!


In a moment, everything she went through in the past three months flashed in her mind. After making sure that there were no flaws, she felt relieved.


Even if Fu Sinian was not dead, it was impossible for Fu Sinian to know everything she had done in the past three months.


Since it was impossible to know, then she was safe!


It was not a big deal. No need to panic just yet!


Fu Sinian leaned on the sofa and watched his wife quietly leaning on his side, with a meaningful smile on the corner of her mouth.


‘About the will, I will take my time. Let’s not worry about it.’


‘The top priority is to have a good chat with the wife who has been reunited after a long time.’


“What? Are you upset to see me return alive?”


Yu Duo was anxious and put her hand on her thigh. A broad palm covered the back of her hand.


Yu Duo looked up and saw the unfathomable black eyes of Fu Sinian.


Her pair of clear eyes reflected panic.


Fu Sinian’s eyes narrowed slightly. He leaned down and kissed her soft lips hard. Then he bit at the corner of her mouth, leaving a vague mark on her red lips.


Yu Duo hissed.


Fu Sinian’s eyes were dim and his fingertip rubbed the bite mark of her soft lips. His voice was low. The ambiguous breath released by Fu Sinian sprinkled on Yu Duo’s ears, causing her to panic for no reason.


“Duoduo, miss me?”


It turned out that human potential was unlimited.


Yu Duo’s heart trembled. Her mouth pricked, her nose became sore and two drops of tears fell from her eyes.


With tears in her eyes, she looked at Fu Sinian pitifully. Like a delicate flower, she nestled in his arms with full dependence and sobbed in a low voice: “I missed you.”




“… During your absence, I was really scared. I couldn’t sleep every day. I always dream of you. I always feel that you’re still around me and still in this home.” Yu Duo shed tears pathetically. She looked pitiful and timid. It was very easy to arouse men’s pity and desire to protect a feeble woman. She tightly hugged Fu Sinian’s waist and said in a trembling tone.” Sinian, you came back. I…  I’m really happy…”


Fu Sinian stared at her unscrupulously. Her waist seemed to be fleshier to the touch. After a month’s absence, her entire body seemed to be fatter. Her face was ruddy and shiny. Looked like she had a good life.


His broad palm caressed the back of Yu Duo’s hand. Her ring finger was empty with only a ring imprint.


Thinking of the ring that Yu Duo had taken off in Paris, Fu Sinian smiled and suddenly asked, “What about your ring?”


Yu Duo became stiff.


When she was in Paris, she took off the ring and kept it in the box.


After coming back, when she was asked by Aunt Lian about it, she lied that she didn’t want to think of Fu Sinian so she took it off.


‘Don’t panic. It’s not a big problem.’


Just make up an excuse…


Anyway, Fu Sinian didn’t know what was going on.




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