The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 64

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie


Fu Sinian raised his volume. He looked at her with an expression which looked like a huge “?” mark above his head.


No… no need to panic!


Fu Sinian raised her chin and looked at the panic and confusion in her eyes. He said quietly, “I’ve only been missing for three months and you already removed the ring.”


If she knew Fu Sinian would come back today, even if someone kills her, she would not take off the ring!


Yu Duo looked at Fu Sinian with moist eyes, “No, I was afraid that it would be damaged so I put it away.”


“Is it?”


Yu duo suddenly had an illusion that Fu Sinian had seen through her.


‘Yes! It must be an illusion!’


‘By all means.’


Yu Duo’s eyebrows were locked and the corners of her eyes were slightly red with tears. She looked at him for a moment. “I’ll put on the ring later. Honey, don’t be angry.”


Fu Sinian smiled without asking too much.


Yu Duo was relieved.


Thank goodness, I escaped.


Hum —


The sudden vibration of mobile phone interrupted their “love feelings”.


They look at Yu Duo’s mobile phone on the tea table.


Yu Duo was now like a bird in a daze. It seemed that this call didn’t come at the right time. She wanted to grab her cell phone but Fu Sinian had a long hand. He took the cell phone first.


Looking at the name on the caller ID, Fu Sinian smiled at her, “Yu Yang?”


[T/N: Yu Duo! Keep smiling! You can handle it!]


The news of Fu Sinian’s return hadn’t been spread out yet. Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, today was the day when Fu Sinian really died. It was the day of inheritance distribution.


Yu Yang knew that Yu Duo and Fu Sinian had been married for three years. Even if there was no love, they should have developed some feelings for each other after those three years. Even if they didn’t have much affection for each other, Fu Sinian’s will was a huge blow to Yu Duo.


After all, no woman could accept that after her husband’s death, she would have to share her inheritance with other women.


Today was the day when the inheritance would be announced. Calculating the time, it should be over by now.


‘I don’t know what happened to Yu Duo?’


The mobile phone was vibrating and Yu Duo stared nervously at the screen of the phone. She wanted to get it but did not have the courage to take the phone from Fu Sinian.


“Who is Yu Yang?”


With a grunt, Yu Duo swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said with a smile, “He…”


My ex-boyfriend.


Yu Duo felt a chill on her back.


After three years of marriage, she entangled with his ex-boyfriend after his death?


If Fu Sinian knew…


Thinking of how she went to a charity party and dinner with Yu Yang before, Yu Duo felt like heaven was trying to kill her!


With so many eyes on her that day, Fu Sinian would know about it sooner or later. At that time, she would be finished.


Unconsciously, Yu Duo felt guilty and slowly turned her eyes away from the eyes of Fu Sinian who was looking at her.


“Huh?” Fu Sinian held her chin and forced her to look up at him. He looked at Yu Duo’s uncertain and slightly flustered eyes. The smile on the corner of her mouth became somewhat self-mocking.


‘Am I afraid now?’


‘I was so happy before, now I am feeling guilty?’


‘I think my guts had become as big as the sky. I feared nothing in Heaven nor on Earth during the past months.’


“What? You can’t answer me?”


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