The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 65

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
“He… is just an ordinary friend. The elders in the family and my parents knew him. He just came back from abroad and I didn’t know him well.”


“Since it’s a friend, you can’t leave the phone unanswered. You can talk to him.” Fu Sinian handed over the mobile phone. Yu Duo took it and was about to answer the call. He wanted to tell Yu Yang the news of Fu Sinian’s return as soon as possible so that she could block his mouth. But then she heard Fu Sinian continue to say, “But the news of my return shouldn’t be spread out for the time being.”


Yu Duo was stunned. The mobile phone she held seemed to be a hot potato.


(T/N: Someone save her…)


Seeing that Yu Duo didn’t answer the phone, Fu Sinian connected the phone for her and pressed the speakerphone.


“Hey? Duo Duo, why didn’t you answer the phone call? Did something happen?” Yu Yang’s slightly anxious voice came from the phone, making Yu Duo’s heart fall into the abyss.


Hearing the intimate title of “Duo Duo”, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped down sharply and a chill ran down her spine. Yu Duo felt the hair on her body standing up and goosebumps all over her body.


“Duo? Why aren’t you saying anything?”


Fu Sinian looked at her.


Those eyes were as deep as the ocean. Under the calm waves, there were rough tides.


Yu Duo’s heart thumped and said, “I’m ok. I’m fine. If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll hang up first.”


She was about to hang up.


Fu Sinian held her eager hand, covered her mobile phone and whispered to Yu Duo, “It’s a friend. How can you just hang up after a few words?”


‘I’m afraid you’ll kill me after a few more words.’


Of course, Yu Duo only dared to cry it out loud in her heart.


“Duo Duo, what’s wrong with you? Why do you feel weird today? Tell me honestly, what happened?”


Under the “bullying and intimidating” eyes of Fu Sinian, Yu Duo said, “It’s all right. I’m just a little tired. What else can I do for you? If there is nothing, I want to have a rest.”


Yu Yang remained silent for a moment.


During this silence, Yu Duo almost held her breath and a thin layer of sweat gradually seeped from the palm of her hand.


If Yu Yang dared to say something on the phone that he shouldn’t say, she would fight to the death with him!


“Duo Duo, I know you have been in a bad mood lately. I have said everything I should say. I hope you listen to my words. That man Fu Sinian is not worthy of you. In this period of time, you should be able to feel my sincerity for you. I am…”


“Yu Yang, thank you. I know what you mean, but we really can’t!” Yu Duo started to panic like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow. “I’m a married woman with a husband. I hope you don’t contact me again. That’s it. Goodbye.”


(T/N: Bird startled by the mere twang of a bow means frightened easily due to past experiences.)


Yu Duo was quick to hang up the phone and shut it down. Her heart went cold and she looked uneasily at Fu Sinian.


This matter needed to be explained clearly. If it wasn’t cleared, was she going to bid farewell to this world today?


Fu Sinian couldn’t tolerate others coveting his property after his death. Could he tolerate his wife flirting with others after his death?


Although she didn’t mess up, Yu Yang didn’t speak clearly on the phone. Fu Sinian might have misunderstood.


‘What to do?’


‘How to explain it?’
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