The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 66

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

While Yu Duo was racking her brain on how to explain the matter, Fu Sinian recalled how Yu Yang accompanied Yu Duo and his eyes turned colder by the moment.


He would like to hear how Yu Duo would explain this matter to him.


“During this period of time, you should have felt my sincerity to you?” What does that mean?”


“He…” Yu Duo’s throat choked. How could she explain it? Should she mention–


Yu Yang is her ex-boyfriend. He likes her. After returning to China, he has been thinking about her. He even wants to marry her?


No, No. Fu Sinian had just been betrayed by his assistant and relatives. The rage that was erupting inside him was not a small fire. It had been less than half an hour and if he was betrayed by his wife who had been sleeping with him for three years, what would happen if all that bellyful of anger was directed at her?


She must never confess!


Considering Fu Sinian’s nature, she was afraid that she would be sleeping with the fishes after confessing.


(T/N: “Sleeping with the fishes” is a very popular reference to The Godfather movie which means to be murdered and tucked away.)


If she could conceal the matter, it would be for the best. When Yu Yang learns the news of Fu Sinian’s return, he would definitely wise up and won’t mention it in front of her anymore.


She must escape from this disaster today!


After thinking about it, Yu Duo bit her lips with tears in her eyes. She looked at Fu Sinian with a grief stricken look. Then she said in a voice that was almost tired to death: “I don’t know why he said that. I’m not familiar with him at all…”


‘Yu Yang, I am really sorry. Please take this bullet for me. Today you will have saved my life. I will remember this kindness in my heart forever!’


Listening to Yu Duo, Fu Sinian’s smile widened.


‘Even after seeing Yu Duo’s “true face”, I am still somewhat unaccustomed to it.’


If it had been three months ago, Yu Duo’s pitiful appearance would have made Fu Sinian’s heart feel infinite pity. He would have blamed himself but now, he knew Yu Duo’s “true face”. How could Fu Sinian let her go off so easily?


He looked at Yu Duo with a gesture saying “You go on, I will continue to listen”.


Yu Duo felt that her acting skill had reached the level of Oscar today. She even controlled her emotions perfectly.


Strangely enough, whenever Fu Sinian saw her like this in the past, he would take pity on her and wouldn’t pursue the matter. This was normally how the story goes. 


‘Why are you acting so different today?’


‘This reaction is not right!’


Was it possible that seeing her assistant and relative’s betrayal, Fu Sinian began to doubt her and was seriously suspicious?


The more Yu Duo thought about it, the more she thought of the possibility.


After all, witnessing the betrayal with his own eyes, how could he still trust others as before?


If she couldn’t dispel Fu Sinian’s doubt today, wouldn’t it be more difficult to dispel in the future?


“Husband, do you believe me? I really have nothing to do with him.”


Yu Duo’s expression looked as if she was extremely hurt and her soft voice was filled with grievances. Those misty eyes were her best weapons. When she looked at Fu Sinian, it seemed that she was accusing him for not believing her.
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