The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 67

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

“Yu Yang and I, we first met during my dad’s birthday banquet. When he returned from abroad, we talked for a bit but I kept a distance from him and did nothing excessive.” She decided to confess in advance about the things which Fu Sinian could find out. She had to think up every possible method to explain this matter.


Of course, Fu Sinian recalled that when Yu Duo mentioned the birthday party, she was very excited. His eyes sank, “It seems that he is not an ordinary friend of yours.”


“He said he likes me, but I didn’t like him at all …”


“He likes you? Didn’t you say that he is just an ordinary friend, did you not say that  you two were unfamiliar?” Fu Sinian looked at her meaningfully while rubbing her delicate white jaw, “How can you lie in front of me?”


Yu Duo almost bit her tongue.


‘Don’t be afraid! Hold on! Don’t panic!’


‘Fu Sinian is just bluffing.’


It was Yu Yang’s own business that Yu Yang liked her. However, she had never promised Yu Yang anything so it was not considered an extramarital affair. As long as she insisted that she had nothing to do with Yu Yang, Fu Sinian could not accuse her of this because he had no evidence!


“I haven’t seen him for three years so he is just an ordinary friend now. He and I really have nothing going on between us.” After replying, Yu Duo decided to confront death with equanimity. She couldn’t admit her mistake and to not lose the momentum, said, “If you don’t believe, you can go check it for yourself!”


Yu Duo was sure that Fu Sinian would never waste his time because of her trivial matter.


After all, he just came back and rectified the matters around the will forgery incident. He also had to handle the company affairs. How long would it take him to deal with the matters at hand which he left for three months?


For the next few months, he would have to devote all his energy into managing the company affairs.


Fu Sinian casually glanced at the clenched palms of Yu Duo and the sweat oozing from her forehead. He raised his eyebrows.


It looked like she was terrified of him.


‘Am I some kind of a horrible beast?’


Fu Sinian couldn’t help but reflect on what he had done in the past three years,  what would have made Yu Duo so afraid of him.


He raised his hand to wipe the sweat on Yu Duo’s forehead and looked at her as if she was a cat. Then he said with a smile, “It’s fine. You will not contact him anymore. Do you hear me?”


Seeing Fu Sinian finally relenting, Yu Duo heaved a sigh of relief. She immediately nodded her head and assured him, “Don’t worry, husband. I will never have any contact with him again!”


“Mobile phone number.”


“Blacklisted!” Yu Duo clicked on Yu Yang’s mobile phone number and blacklisted it under Fu Sinian’s watchful eyes.


After solving the problem, Yu Duo thought that she should also perform her wife-duty. She carefully asked: “Husband, where have you been in these three months? What happened? Why haven’t you contacted us?”


Fu Sinian closed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “I have been in a coma because of injuries. I only woke up two days ago.”


Injuries… Coma…?


Master Wen was a liar!


A liar without a wife!


Her eyebrows knitted. She looked at him in fear and then asked, “Wounded? Let me see where you are hurt!”


Fu Sinian looked at the trace of anxiety on her face and said with a smile: “So worried about me?”


Yu Duo didn’t answer him directly. Instead, she looked at him worriedly. “Otherwise, let’s go to the hospital? Let the doctors examine it.”

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