The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 68

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Fu Sinian responded curtly,”There’s no need to.”


“There’s no need? How can you not go to the hospital?” Yu Duo cried in protest. “Do you know I’m really worried about you…? During this period, I can’t even sleep every night…”


“You had no appetite?” Fu Sinian responded to her.


Yu Duo acted as if she was emaciated and then nodded timidly.


Fu Sinian kneaded around her waist. “But why do I feel that you have become plump?”


Yu Duo: “…” Actually, I also feel that I have become fatter.


Fortunately, Fu Sinian didn’t pay much attention to her figure. “Well, you go upstairs first, find the ring and put it on.”


‘I just came back and I can’t scare her too much. I will take my time enjoying it.’


“Good!” Yu Duo got up from his side and wiped her ‘tears of joy’. Finally, she ‘reluctantly’ went upstairs.


The moment she left Fu Sinian’s field of vision, Yu Duo’s legs went soft and she limped towards the wardrobe room like an old man.




It’s all over.


‘Fu Sinian is back. Let alone 20 billion Yuan, I can’t even get six billion Yuan now.’


‘If I had known this, it would have been better to…’


Yu Duo wanted to cry but no tears followed. Apparently, Fu Sinian was not dead. How can he suddenly come back to life?


‘The timing was just right. It is almost like intentional.’


‘But now, what’s done is done. We still have to live on, don’t we?’


‘Just make do with it. I can still live as I used to.’


Yu Duo had mixed feelings about this whole situation.


After all, who would have thought that even after the yacht was almost blown to pieces, Fu Sinian could still survive? He was a ruthless person.


Such is fate.


One can’t fight against it.


Yu Duo sighed and opened the drawer of the dresser in the wardrobe room.


The drawer was empty.


With a face full of melancholy, Yu Duo’s lips parted slightly as she shook her hand.


‘Where’s my ring?!’


‘Hold on, don’t panic.’


‘The ring has no legs. It can’t run away. Think about where I last put it.’


Yu Duo carefully recalled that she had put the ring in the ring box when she was in Paris. Then she put the ring box in the suitcase… didn’t she?


Two months before, she was having a good time in Paris. She had no impression of the smaller details. Not to mention, she was fleeing from Alex and departed in a hurry. Now thinking about the ring, her mind went blank.


It should have been brought back together but where was it exactly?


Yu Duo opened the suitcase and turned it over but even then, she didn’t find it.


She checked the closet in the room but it was still missing.


“Strange, where is my ring?” the more Yu Duo thought about it, the more flustered she became. Fu Sinian was still waiting for her downstairs. How could she deal with him if she couldn’t take out the ring?


Bang –


The noise came from upstairs.


Aunt Lian came out of the kitchen in a hurry and brought a cup of tea to Fu Sinian. She asked with a smile: “Madame is probably looking for something, I’ll go and see.”


Fu Sinian looked up to the third floor and took a sip of tea. He said with a frown, “Don’t worry about it Aunt Lian. Just let her find it by herself.”


Aunt Lian who had turned around to go upstairs froze in place. She looked back at Fu Sinian for a moment with a confused expression.


Those words were not what Fu Sinian as a husband should utter.
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