The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 69

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
After pondering for a short while, she said with a smile, “Sir, there are some things that I as an outsider shouldn’t say. Now that you are back safely, you should spend some time with madam even if you are busy at work. You don’t know that not only madam could not sleep well but she couldn’t eat much for months. I have to force her to eat every day. Don’t you think your wife is a lot thinner than three months ago?”


Aunt Lian looked at Yu Duo as if she was her child. Because of her motherly love, Yu Duo’s “fat” body felt thin.


Fu Sinian snorted in his heart, remembering that Yu Duo did not eat in front of Aunt Lian. Whenever Aunt Lian didn’t pay attention, she shoved the food into her mouth. If she didn’t eat the food, she would be hungry. If she could find the opportunity, she would stuff herself with food again, regardless of whether her stomach could bear it or not.


“During the time when you just disappeared, madam was always depressed. She stayed in her room all day and was depressed. She almost fell ill. Her face looked paler than that of the patient. I advised madam to go out and relax.” Aunt Lian sighed before continuing. “Fortunately, you are back now. Otherwise I would have worried sick…”


“Don’t worry, Aunt Lian. I know what to do. Thank you for taking care of her when I was away.”


“No need to thank me! I did what I should have done. It’s almost time for dinner. I’ll go prepare something you like.”


“Big brother!” Ah Chi rushed to Fu Sinian while gasping.


When Ah Chi was picked up by Fu Sinian from the garbage dump five years ago, he was at death’s door. Fu Sinian sent him to the hospital to have him treated. For Ah Chi, Fu Sinian was his benefactor.


Fu Sinian gave him two choices: One was to give him a sum of money which was enough for him to live a good life and the other was to follow him.


Ah Chi chose the latter without saying a single word.


So he followed Fu Sinian for five years.


Not to mention five years, if we just talk about the past three years, Ah Chi spent much more time with Fu Sinian than Yu Duo did with Fu Sinian.


Ah Chi’s voice trembled. No one knew whether it was because of sweat or for some other reason, he turned red as he asked, “Are you fine?”


“I am fine.” He said concisely, looking at the opposite sofa he ordered, “Sit!”


Ah Chi sat opposite him.


“Big brother, what happened on the yacht at that time and then what happened to you…”


“After the yacht exploded, I fell into a coma. Although I was fatally injured, I didn’t die. I drifted to a small fourth-tier coastal city and was taken to a hospital. I just woke up a few days ago. As for the yacht explosion…” A cold light flashed in Fu Sinian’s eyes as he said, “I will investigate it thoroughly later. Tell me how the company is doing right now.”


“Yes!” Ah Chi seriously informed Fu Sinai about the company’s situation since that time.


The company was still operating as usual. Fu Sinian had just died and his strength was still there. For the time being, Qin Shao was afraid to fight openly. However, he tried to poach Fu corporation’s senior staff with offers of higher salary. The competition for the project intensified. The most important thing was that  Fu and Qin corporation had been fighting for the project with a scale of over 10 billion Yuan for the past two years. Qin corporation still had Qin Shao but Fu Sinian’s whereabouts were unknown. Therefore, the relevant departments were more optimistic about Qin corporation’s prospects.
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