The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 70

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

Fu Sinian listened quietly to Ah Chi’s report on everything. At last, he asked about Qiao Jiao, “Sister Qiao, she…”


“She is Qin Shao’s underling.”


“Qin Shao’s underling? But hasn’t she been with the company for seven years? Seven years!”


Fu Sinian also couldn’t understand why Qiao Jiao who had been working with him for seven years betrayed him and became Qin Shao’s underling.


But now that things had reached this point, asking these questions were no longer important.


“For the time being, we will not speak on the matter of the will. You should pay more attention to the company. I will not return to the company for the time being. The news of my return must not be spread out.”


Knowing that Fu Sinian had his own arrangement, Ah Chi nodded, “I understand.”


“All right, you can head back first.”


“Yes.” Ah Chi got up and inadvertently glanced at the third floor but soon he retracted his eyes. He lowered his head and walked out without saying a word.


Fu Sinian frowned and stopped him when Ah Chi was about to step out of the villa door. “Wait a minute.”


Ah Chi turned around.


“How old are you now?”


Ah Chi slightly pursed his lips. Although he did not know why Fu Sinian asked him this question, he still answered honestly: “23!”


“23…” Fu Sinian thought that it had been five years since he picked Ah Chi back from the garbage dump.


The little boy had now become a mature and steady man.


“Do you have a girlfriend?”




“What kind of woman do you like?” When Fu Sinian said this, his tone was relaxed and natural. He was really like a big brother who cared about his younger brother’s marriage. However he was completely clueless about his brother’s taste.


The sun was a little warm near noon. It should feel comfortable when it shines on a person but Ah Chi felt as if the gentle sunshine behind burned his back or stabbed him like dense needles.


“I… I don’t want to find any yet.”


Fu Sinian looked at him heavily with his arms crossed.


His tone had an unknown meaning, “Being 23 is not young. You should start finding one.”


Ah Chi nodded. “I understand.”


Then he left the villa in a hurry.


Bang –


A loud noise came from upstairs again.


Fu Sinian raised his eyebrow, glanced at his watch and then went upstairs.


Yu Duo was in a state of anxiety in her room. The more she looked for the ring, the more panicked she became. She hit the desk then knocked down the coat hanger. She could not care about the tidiness of the room. To find the ring, she would not leave any stone unturned.


(T/N: “To not leave any stone unturned” meant to make a thorough search.)


Even after turning the whole room over, she still couldn’t find the ring’s whereabouts.


‘It’s over.’


When Fu Sinian asked, how should she answer?


Lost? Gone missing?


She was afraid that she would be looking for death if she said so.


Your husband had been missing for only three months. How careless were you as a wife to lose your wedding ring?


Yu Duo deeply believed Fu Sinian should not be provoked right now. After all, this man had just survived through a life and death situation, and had been betrayed. She had better not pull the muzzle.


 ‘But what should I do? How can I explain this to Fu Sinian?’


Yu Duo frowned and mourned for herself.


The heavy sound of leather shoes stepping on the marble floor came from outside the door.


Yu Duo was immediately alerted.


There was a saying that “You never know how much potential you have unless you force yourself to the last step”.


(T/N: Next chapter is going to be awesome. It’s one of the best chapters.)
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