The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 71

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

Yu Duo entered the bathroom at the speed of light. Just as Fu Sinian pushed the door open, she pressed the flush button of the toilet. With a miserable scream, she rushed out of the bathroom in a hurry and looked at Fu Sinian anxiously, pointing her finger at the bathroom.


“The ring … the ring was accidentally flushed into the toilet just now!”


Yu Duo’s face changed once again and she sobbed with remorse: “Husband, it’s all my fault. I was just careless … just careless …”


“The ring dropped into the toilet bowl?”


Yu Duo nodded as tears rolled down, “Honey, what should I do? That’s the wedding ring you gave me but it was me… I’m careless. I was too stupid!”


‘I don’t think you’re stupid at all.’


Fu Sinian silently cursed in his heart.


If it had happened in the past, he was afraid that he would have just responded by saying that he would buy another one in the future.


But now… Fu Sinian watched Yu Duo put on her best performance. He knew that she was just acting. However, how could he stand her tears?


“Are you sure it’s in the toilet? You haven’t made any mistake?”


“No! I watched it fall…” Yu Duo choked and started to sob. Her words were inconsistent and she was almost crying. She stepped forward with a face that was full of guilt as if she had done something wrong and fear of not being forgiven. Her eyes looked like that of a frightened cat.


“Honey, I’m sorry. I lost our wedding rings.”


“It doesn’t matter,” Fu Sinian said while holding her in his arms and stroking her back to soothe her emotions. “Just ask some workers to come and look for it.”


Yu Duo stared at him carefully. “Can they find it?”


Fu Sinian smiled meaningfully, “You will know if you try.”


Half an hour later, five workers came to the villa and dug the water pipe.


Fu Sinian asked, “Can you find it?”


Several workers guaranteed, “Boss, don’t worry. We’ve handled every type of situation. Finding a ring is nothing. I’ll find it for you right away!”


Yu Duo smiled, “But the ring is so small…”


“Ma’am, you can rest assured. We have helped many wives find rings and necklaces. As long as your ring has really fallen into the toilet, we can find it!”


“As long as your ring has really fallen into the toilet,” this sentence stimulated Yu Duo and the smile on her face turned more and more rigid.


Fu Sinian put his hand around her. “Relax, they will help you find the ring.”


Yu Duo sat on the sofa, listening to the movements of workers. On the surface, she was both expectant and eager, but in fact, she was feeling extremely guilty. She felt as if she was poked by the needles.


Besides, it didn’t really fall down so how in the hell anyone could find it?


Fu Sinian sat beside her, seemingly unconcerned, but in fact, all his attention was all on Yu Duo who was sitting upright. Looking at the frown and guilt in her eyes, he curled up his mouth, forming a pleasant smile.


It was time to teach her a lesson.


When the mobile phone rang, Fu Sinian took over and listened to two sentences in his ear. He hung up without saying anything more. After hanging up, he deliberately looked at Yu Duo with complicated eyes.


The workers didn’t know how long they had been working for, but in the end they got nothing.


“Strange, why can’t we find it? Don’t worry, madam. We’ll look for it again. We’ll find it this time!”


Fu Sinian who still looked indifferent said lightly, “No need, you have worked hard today. Aunt will send you out.”


“Yes, sir.”
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