The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 72

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

After the workers were sent away, Yu Duo heaved a sigh of relief. Then tears fell down again, “It’s my fault. My carelessness caused all this…”


Looking at Yu Duo’s tears, Fu Sinian said to her, “Duoduo, I will give you a chance to confess.”


Yu Duo froze, staring at him with tears in his eyes. Her eyes seemed to be puzzled, “What chance to confess?”


‘Why do these words sound so wrong?’


‘Does Fu Sinian know something?’


But in the past three months, she disguised herself very well. Even Aunt Lian didn’t notice anything. How could Fu Sinian know something? (T/N: She is talking about faking grievance.)


‘Impossible! Fu Sinian has been in a coma for three months. How can he know something that no one knows?’


‘Is Fu Sinian deliberately teasing her?’


Yu Duo bit her lips. However, if Fu Sinian had really found out something and he was giving her this opportunity to confess, she couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity.


Her heart was in turmoil. Various thoughts crossed her mind in an instant.


Yu Duo’s turmoil was within Fu Sinian’s expectation, he slowly spoke, “Don’t want to say?”


Yu Duo looked like a frightened animal. She looked at him timidly and asked in a puzzled voice, “What do I say?”


‘Are you not going to confess?’


Fu Sinian reached out to wipe the tears on Yu Duo’s face.


The hand was slender, white, bony and beautiful. The only drawback was that Fu Sinian had suffered a lot in the past so his palm was rough and there was a thin layer of callus on it. It rubbed on Yu Duo’s delicate skin which made her cheek ache slightly.


Yu Duo didn’t dodge and just looked at him with wet eyes, letting him wipe his tears.


“The people at the Ritz Hotel in Paris contacted me and said that they found a ring under the bed of the room where you used to stay. After checking, they found that the ring was yours.”


Yu Duo left as if she was struck by lightning.


Isn’t the Ritz Hotel in Paris the same hotel she stayed in when she was in Paris?


Fu Sinian touched her cheek and held her chin down. His eyes were gradually becoming dangerous. “It’s only been three months and you have already developed the habit of lying?”




The author has something to say: Yu Duo: Husband, will you believe me if I say that this toilet connects to Paris!


Fu Sinian: I believe in your evil!




‘I am so dead.’


These four words appeared in Yu Duo’s mind.


Staring at Fu Sinian’s eyes which were gradually turning icier, she shivered for no reason.


Yu Duo knew that whenever Fu Sinian looked at a person like this, he was thinking about how to deal with that person.


Fu Sinian was not a man who remembered his old flame. He was cruel and ruthless. He eradicated every factor and person that had wronged him. He used the most vicious means to retaliate. He would never give people the chance to even stage a comeback again.


‘By saying that he is giving me a chance, he is not really teasing me but really giving me a chance to confess?’


Being betrayed by Qiao Jiao who had been working together with him for seven years, Fu Sinian must be in a state of panic. ‘Does he think I am cheating on him?’


‘No, in this case, I have to admit my mistake.’


She had to be sincere in her words without any falsehood so that Fu Sinian could believe that she knew she was wrong and she would never dare to deceive him again. Only by eliminating Fu Sinian’s doubt in his heart could this matter be counted as past.


Otherwise, it would become a small seed in Fu Sinian’s heart. What would happen in the future, as old accounts and new accounts would be counted together?
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