The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 73

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Fu Sinian quietly looked at Yu Duo’s clear eyes. Perhaps Yu Duo didn’t notice herself. When she was thinking about her next move, her eyes were full of sly light like a fox.


“I… I…” A drop of scalding tear fell on the back of Fu Sinian’s hand and his hand trembled slightly. It seemed that even the coldness of his eyes was melted by the scalding tears.




‘Who in the hotel contacted Fu Sinian?’


Yu Duo suddenly realized something was very wrong.


Fu Sinian noticed her small movements and said in a deep voice, “Stop standing! Sit down and eat.”


Yu Duo put an aggrieved expression and sat down.


Seeing her aggrieved expression, Fu Sinian thought that he had bullied her too much and felt guilty.




At the dinner table…


Yu Duo went to the kitchen, looked at Aunt Lian and said: “Aunt Lian, can I serve today?”


Aunt Lian thought about it and let Yu Duo serve Fu Sinian. After all, this would deepen their relationship.


Yu Duo filled a bowl with sweet and sour pork and served it to Fu Sinian.


As Yu Duo served, Fu Sinian felt that something was wrong.


However, he surpassed this urge and put on a poker face. He tasted the sweet and sour pork and found it too salty. He looked perplexed as he asked “Aunt, this is too salty.” Aunt Lian had been working for him for many years so he knew that she couldn’t make such a simple mistake.


Aunt Lian asked in a confused tone. “Sir, did you just say that the sweet and sour pork is salty?”


She brought another bowl of sweet and sour pork from the kitchen and tasted it. “It isn’t salty. Would you like to try it?” After that Aunt Lian served another bowl to Fu Sinian.


Fu Sinian looked at it and finally decided to taste. It was really not salty.


Thinking of the bowl that Yu Duo had served him before, Fu Sinian understood everything and glared at her again.


Yu Duo was wronged on the surface but she was grinning secretly.


‘You scared me! You deceived me!’


‘Let’s see if you dare in the future!’


Hiss —


Hot chopsticks accidentally touched the palm of her hand. It scalded her hand. Taking advantage of Fu Sinian’s carelessness, she carefully rubbed against the palm of her hand.


‘It hurt a little.’


For Yu Duo, this meal was both happy and painful.


After dinner, Fu Sinian called for Aunt Lian.


“Aunt Lian, get me some medicine for burns.”


“Did you get scalded just now?”


Fu Sinian expressed his acquiescence in silence.


“Just wait a moment, I’ll find it for you right away.”


After a while, Aunt Lian handed a tube of ointment to Fu Sinian.


Fu Sinian glanced in the direction of the third floor. This angry woman would definitely not look for the medicine herself or ask for Aunt Lian’s help. She would most likely bear it alone and wait for the burn to heal itself.


‘In case of infection, don’t you have to bother me?’


Fu Sinian was correct. Yu Duo didn’t dare to ask for Aunt Lian’s help. She washed it with cold water in the room for a while. The burning pain in the palm of her hand didn’t stop. Blisters formed.


‘Forget it. It’ll be fine in two days.’


Yu Duo was too lazy to take care of the little wound and went downstairs.


Aunt Lian was busy flipping Fu Sinian’s clothes and sending them to the dry cleaner. The phone rang in the living room. It was Fu Sinian asking her to bring a cup of coffee in the study.


Aunt Lian was busy making a cup of coffee and was about to add sugar. A little girl in the dry cleaner asked her, “Aunt Lian, this shirt has been ripped. Come over and have a look.”


Aunt Lian dropped the silver spoon and walked over. She happened to see Yu Duo coming down and said with a smile, “Madam, sir asked me to send him a cup of coffee but I’m busy here…”


“Let me do it.”


“Then I will have to trouble Madam.”


“It’s all right.”


Yu Duo carried the cup of coffee upstairs to Fu Sinian’s study.


Most of his time in the villa was spent in his study. He was really busy with his company’s affairs during this time. He just came back and had to handle the company’s affairs. He even had to work in the study for several hours after work.


Yu Duo knew that Fu Sinian didn’t like others making a loud noise in his study. She entered the study lightly and put the coffee on Fu Sinian’s table.


Fu Sinian, who was buried in the documents, took a look at her and set his eyes on the cup of coffee.
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