The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 74

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie

Fu Sinian was obviously scared of her. “Did you make it?”


Yu Duo smiled slightly. “Aunt Lian did.”


Fu Sinian, with a cold face, took a sip of the coffee.


His face immediately turned from white to green. The expression on his face was as if he had eaten a fly. He could neither swallow nor vomit it.


Yu Duo watched his face suddenly change from sunny to gloomy, not knowing how she offended him again.


‘Is this Fu Sinian a firecracker?’


‘Exploding anytime, anywhere?’


Fu Sinian shoved his coffee to Yu Duo and ordered, “Drink!”


Yu Duo didn’t like coffee very much. She felt that no matter how much sugar or milk she put in, she could not cover up the original bitter taste of coffee. However, Fu Sinian didn’t look as if he was joking.


Ah, forget it, just take a sip.


Yu Duo took a sip of the coffee that Fu Sinian handed over.The moment the coffee entered into her mouth, hit her taste buds tasted the strong aroma of coffee with a really bitter taste, so bitter that it could make people feel sick. Yu Duo’s eyebrows suddenly wrinkled into a bun. Her hands covered her mouth. She looked around but didn’t see any place where she could spit. She turned around to go out.


However, Fu Sinian grasped her wrist and dragged her into his arms.


“No vomiting! Swallow it.”


Swallow it?


‘So bitter! Isn’t this life-threatening!’


If she struggled, she wouldn’t be able to get rid of the coffee and would continue to experience the bitter taste. So she stuck out her neck and swallowed all the coffee.


The black coffee without sugar or milk went down her throat, making her shiver.


Looking at Yu Duo’s “miserable” face, Fu Sinian suddenly felt that it was not so bitter.


“If you dare to make trouble again, I will treat you like this!”


Yu Duo immediately understood why Fu Sinian’s face was not good just now.


‘Does he think that I brought this bitter coffee on purpose?’


She felt wronged.


But Yu Duo knew that even if she explained, Fu Sinian would not believe her because of her “criminal record”.


“I’ll get you another cup of coffee.”


“No need,” Fu Sinian held her in his lap and took a tube of ointment out of the drawer. Then he grabbed Yu Duo’s wrist, “Spread out your hand.”


Yu Duo’s palms which were clenched into fists slowly spread out, revealing blisters.


Fu Sinian scolded as he looked at her. “Can’t you ask Aunt Lian for the burn ointment?”


As he said, he squeezed the tube and squeezed out some white paste on his fingertips. After that, he gently rubbed it on the parts where Yu Duo’s palm scalded with blisters.


The palm of the hand was originally delicate. Now that it was burned, it had become more sensitive to touch. Fu Sinian’s slightly rough fingers gently rubbed on her fingers. It made her feel itchy from the bottom of her heart. It felt a little hot and painful.


In fact, it was not that painful and it was still within the tolerable range.


“Hiss –” Yu Duo whispered, “It hurts.”


Fu Sinian’s hand stopped. “Charming.”


Yu Duo gave him a dark look. “I’ll do it myself.”


Fu Sinian’s hand holding her wrist was like an iron tongs. She was unable to break free.


‘I don’t know if the ointment is working. It felt cool on the burns. It doesn’t hurt and it’s very comfortable.’


“Well, pay attention next time.”


Yu Duo felt like he was as if his words imply some other meaning. She got up from his lap. “Then… I won’t interrupt your work. I will head out first.”


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