The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 76

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
‘Fu Sinian has a huge physique. Should I help him apply medicine?’


She hesitated because last time she mistakenly brought a cup of bitter coffee to him and made him furious. If she helped him apply medicine and hurt him later, wouldn’t she be blamed again?


Yu Duo closed her eyes and covered herself with a quilt.


‘Forget it. Let’s sleep.’


But as soon as she shut her eyes, her mind was full of the images of the ferocious scars on Fu Sinian’s back.


‘Since the injuries on your body haven’t healed yet, why are you still so stubbornly working in the study until now?’


‘Don’t you know that you’re not well?’


Yu Duo couldn’t help feeling frustrated. This man just clawed his way out from the gates of hell and didn’t know how to appreciate it. He didn’t take his health seriously. Did he not want a long life?


‘Forget it. Anyway, he is also my husband… in name.’


‘I will just go and see if Fu Sinian’s wound has been treated properly. After that, I will come back to sleep.’


‘Anyway, it won’t take long to have a look.’


Yu Duo got out of the bed and went to the dressing room barefooted. She tiptoed at the dressing room’s door, hiding her body behind the door. She quietly poked her head out to see Fu Sinian in the dressing room.


Fu Sinian was still in that awkward and inconvenient posture. He held the cotton bandage in his hand stretched to the back to disinfect the wound. He applied too much strength and the cotton bandage accidentally pierced the wound. Fu Sinian frowned and his teeth clenched in pain.


‘I can’t even deal with a wound!’


‘It’s useless!’


Yu Duo felt as if she was about to be killed by Fu Sinian’s clumsiness. She took a deep breath and walked into the dressing room, “May I help?”


“No, go to bed first. I’ll do it myself. It will be alright.”


Previously she was looking in the dressing room from the door so she couldn’t get a clear picture of the wounds. However, after getting closer, she could clearly see the wounds on Fu Sinian’s body. Every wound and scar left after the wounds healed could be seen on his originally smooth and strong muscles. It looked ferocious and terrifying.


Yu Duo’s eyebrows twitched and she spoke in a muffled voice, “Sit down and let me apply medicine.”


She “boldly” took the cotton bandage from Fu Sinian’s hand and forced him to sit on the chair, revealing his wounded back.


Fu Sinian turned around and just wanted to say something, Yu Duo ordered in an ordering tone, “Don’t move!”


Fu Sinian laughed, “Are you babysitting me?”


Yu Duo ignored him and dripped the disinfectant on a cotton bandage and squatted down. The unhealed wounds were now closer in her sight. Yu Duo’s hands trembled and her fingertips swept across those wounds one by one.


In fact, these wounds looked ugly like caterpillars, with different twists and turns. However, it also somehow added a bit of manliness to Fu Sinian.


“Why hasn’t the wound healed?” Yu Duo asked him.


Her soft fingertips brought a crispy, numb feeling as she stroked those scars. An illusionary electric shock spread from the place where Yu Duo’s fingertips touched.


Fu Sinian’s throat twitched violently. His heart beat like a frisky monkey, his mind like a cantering horse.


(T/N: Heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a cantering horse (idiom) –> capricious.)


Fu Sinian groaned and said. “Just pour the medicine directly!”


Yu Duo came back to her senses and blushed. She carefully wiped the wounds with the cotton.


“Does it hurt?”


“It doesn’t hurt,” Fu Sinian glanced sideways at her and saw her stepping barefoot on the carpet. She squatted down and had a bottle of disinfectant in her hand. “I’m feeling sleepy so just pour it on.”


“Pour it directly?” Yu Duo looked at him with a suspicious look.
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