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The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 77

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Fu Sinian shoved the medicine into her hand, took a deep breath and closed his eyes, “Yeah.”


“Oh.” Yu Duo took the medicine bottle and carefully poured the disinfectant in the bottle onto the deepest wound on Fu Sinian’s waist. Then she used cotton to evenly spread the disinfectant throughout the wound little by little.


Fu Sinian’s brows knitted and his muscles tensed for a moment. His face turned slightly pale. When it was over, he opened his eyes and let out a long sigh of relief.


“Does it hurt?” Yu Duo asked him again.


Fu Sinian didn’t have the energy to respond to whether it was painful or not. He gritted his teeth and simply replied, “Apply medicine.”


Yu Duo evenly poured the powder from the medicine bottle on one side of the wound. Then she lowered her hands gently and crouched behind Fu Sinian. She could not see Fu Sinian’s expression at all so she could only rely on Fu Sinian’s actions and voice to judge whether he was in pain or not.


However, Fu Sinian didn’t even groan that it hurt nor did he move a single inch. Then the pain should be tolerable to him, right?


Yu Duo focused herself on applying medicine. Fu Sinian felt pained as Yu Duo applied medicine.


However, Fu Sinian clenched his teeth and endured.


Until the medicine was applied, Fu Sinian didn’t move at all. Yu Duo affixed the gauze dressings and said in a relieved tone, “Done!”


After everything was done, Fu Sinian felt that it was better to change the wound dressing by himself the next time.


“Well, go to bed first.”


Yu Duo packed up the gauze dressings and other things. She felt inexplicably satisfied as she went to bed and prepared to sleep.


One o’clock in the morning.


Yu Duo closed his eyes and listened to the movement in the bathroom. She was suddenly hit by deep sleepiness. The bed beside her sunk and a familiar smell came into her nose. Yu Duo leaned over, curled up and sent herself to Fu Sinian’s arms.


She fell asleep in just a few seconds.


Next morning…


Yu Duo yawned and finally appeared on the dining table. She woke up after being urged by Aunt for four or five times.


Aunt Lian looked at Yu Duo’s listless expression and asked in a worried tone, “Madam, didn’t you sleep well last night?”


Last night, she helped Fu Sinian for a long time so she slept very late. Now she woke up at eight o’clock. So of course, she didn’t sleep well.


Yu Duo who was drinking soy milk nodded lazily and then asked, “What about Sinian?”


“Ah Chi came in the morning. Master went to the study with him after having breakfast.”


‘I guess they are working again.’


As soon as Fu Sinian came back, he busied himself with work before even recovering properly. He really didn’t take his body seriously.


Since Fu Sinian didn’t worry about his own body, what was she worried about?


She was dying to be widowed!


Yu Duo put down the soy milk. “Aunt Lian, I’m done.”


Aunt Lian looked at Yu Duo’s breakfast which was barely eaten. “Madam, you haven’t eaten anything. How can you do that?”


Yu Duo had a bad appetite these two days and couldn’t eat much. “I didn’t sleep well last night so I don’t have any appetite. I will go upstairs and take a rest.”


“If there’s anything, call me.”


Yu Duo nodded and went upstairs.


When she passed by Fu Sinian’s study, she found its door tightly closed. Yu Duo thought of Fu Sinian’s injuries for a moment. When Yu Duo realized that she was worried about Fu Sinian, she shook her head and walked away.


After less than half an hour’s rest, Aunt Lian hurriedly pushed Yu Duo’s door open. She woke up Yu Duo who was sleeping and whispered, “Madam, a gentleman named Yu Yang has come. He says that he wants to see you…”
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