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The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 78

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Spirit Song & Lie
Auntie Lian knew who Yu Yang was. One month ago, Yu Duo had a car accident. Yu Yang also visited Yu Duo in the hospital. The caring expression that he had was more than what it was. She was an experienced person. She knew what’s going on.


Anyway, Fu Sinian and Ah Chi are talking about something in the study. She didn’t know how long they would talk. Aunt Lian decided not to disturb Fu Sinian and quietly told Yu Duo about it.


When Yu Duo heard it, she was alarmed and all her sleepiness was gone in an instant.


“Who? Yu Yang?”


“Yeah, Mr. Yu is sitting downstairs in the living room. He came in and said that he won’t go until he saw you. I dare not interrupt Sir when he is talking in the study. So I came to you…”


Yu Duo got up quickly, “Aunt Lian, that… that Yu Yang is an ordinary friend of mine. It should be fine for him to come. Don’t inform Sinian. I’ll go and see him.”


“Oh, yes.”


Yu Duo got up with her heart burning with anxiety.


Yesterday, Fu Sinian returned and all her focus was on Fu Sinian. After she blacklisted Yu Yang’s mobile phone number, she forgot to message him.


Without waiting for her news, that Yu Yang came in person!


It was over.


If Fu Sinian saw this, she wouldn’t even know how she would have died!


As she passed the entrance of the study, Yu Duo’s footsteps lightened. She hurried downstairs.


As soon as she got downstairs, she saw Yu Yang anxiously walking back and forth in the living room.


Yu Duo hurriedly walked over and whispered, “Yu Yang?”


Yu Yang followed Yu Duo’s voice and looked at her. At the moment when he saw Yu Duo, the dignified expression on his face dissipated a lot and he even looked relieved.


Since Yu Duo hung up the phone yesterday, Yu Yang who hadn’t received Yu Duo’s call had been uneasy. After waiting all day, he finally couldn’t hold back and came to see the situation in person.


“What happened yesterday? How come your cell phone doesn’t work all the time? What happened?”


“I’m okay,” Yu Duo said with a smile as she sat on the sofa calmly: “There was something that happened yesterday. I forgot to call you back. You came to me today. Is there something wrong?”


“What happened yesterday? Did they humiliated you?”


(T/N: He is talking about the will.)


Yu Duo smiled and put her right hand on her trembling left hand. “No, everything went smooth.”


Yu Yang said in a relieved tone and with a slight smile, “You’re fine.”


After all, he didn’t inform in advance and came here uninvited, “Sorry, you didn’t call me back yesterday and the phone call didn’t get through. I have been worried about you so I can’t help but want to come and see you.”


Aunt Lian brought them a cup of tea and looked at Yu Duo anxiously.


Yu Duo sipped her tea with a smile and glanced upstairs.


Fu Sinian said yesterday that he did not want to let the news of his return spread for the time being. If she told Yu Yang the news of Fu Sinian’s return today, it was tantamount to disobeying Fu Sinian and if Fu Sinian investigated it…


Yu Duo said, “Thank you for your concern. As you see, I’m fine now. I have something else to do later…” 


Hurry up and go. In case Fu Sinian saw us, it’s all over!


Yu Yang bowed his head and laughed at himself. “You’re correct. It’s really too presumptuous to come here today. I hope you don’t mind.”


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