The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 81

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Only by honestly informing Fu Sinian about her past with Yu Yang as her ex-boyfriend could she completely resolve the doubt in Fu Sinian’s heart.


Thinking of this, Yu Duo got up and bravely walked to the third floor.


When she reached the door to the study room, Yu Duo couldn’t muster the courage to enter inside. Instead, she walked back and forth at the door of the study. After a while, she finally made up her mind. When she was about to knock on the door of the study, she found that the door was not closed at all. She just raised her hand and put it on the door, opening the door slightly.


“… kill, mince and throw into the sea.”


Suddenly, Fu Sinian’s fierce words came out of the study.


… Excuse me.


Yu Duo hurriedly withdrew her hand from the door knob and backed to the side. Her trembling hand stroked her fiercely beating heart.


‘This society is ruled by law! So lawless!’


Did he hear that or not?


No way, she must not bring up this matter. She wasn’t sure that Fu Sinian wouldn’t care about her past. If she made the story of her ex-boyfriend clear and provoked Fu Sinian, wouldn’t she die a cruel death?


However what if Fu Sinian knew it and waited for her to confess?


Didn’t he give her a chance to confess yesterday?


No, no, he was only putting up with a facade with me yesterday.


She could never see through Fu Sinian’s thoughts. What should she do or say to eliminate Fu Sinian’s doubts?


Should I run away?


She couldn’t run away. She might still be able to run away when Fu Sinian was missing. Now it was impossible.


So when Fu Sinian went missing, why didn’t she run away?


After thinking about it, Yu Duo felt that it was better not to act rashly.


She went downstairs on tiptoes without making a sound. Then she went to Aunt Lian who was handling seafood in the kitchen and said with a smile, “Aunt Lian, we are going to have seafood at noon?”


Aunt Lian glanced at her with a smile as she pulled off the sand vein of the shrimp. “Yes, ma’am. What’s the matter?”


Yu Duo thought of the unhealed wounds on Fu Sinian’s body and said to Aunt Lian, “Well… Sinian has just come back and his body is still not in good condition. Please give him more supplements. In the future, if you can, cook less seafood.”


“OK, I remember.”


Yu Duo kept standing there and didn’t leave. She seemed to have something to say. Aunt Lian smiled and asked, “What’s the matter, ma’am? What else can I do for you?”


“Aunt Lian, you have been taking care of Sinian for many years, haven’t you?”


“I’ve been taking care of Sir for nearly six years.”


“Six years …” Yu Duo continued to ask: “Do you know about Sinian’s first two wives?”


Fu Sinian had two wives before her. Both of them died on their wedding night.


Since Fu Sinian was engaged in illegal activities, the fate of the two previous wives was intriguing.


Even Aunt Lian’s hands became sluggish and the smile on her face was long gone, “Why are you asking about this?”


“I’m just curious so I asked.”


Aunt Lian remained silent for a moment. The hesitation on her face told Yu Duo that she did not want to talk any more into the topic.


Yu Duo perceived the change in Aunt Lian’s complexion and asked carefully, “What’s the matter, Aunt Lian? Why can’t I know?”


Aunt Lian kept her mouth shut, “I am only an outsider. How do I know the private affairs of Sir? Ma’am, if you really want to know, you’d better ask him yourself.”


Ask Fu Sinian?


Yu Duo was not so daring.


She hesitated and dawdled until lunch time. Fu Sinian and Ah Chi came downstairs for lunch and then returned to the study once again. They didn’t look at Yu Duo all the time. They acted as if they didn’t know what happened in the morning.

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