The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 82

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Seeing that Fu Sinian acted as if nothing had happened made Yu Duo’s heart pound.


How nonchalant one had to be to not show any expression, reaction nor mention a single word?


The atmosphere was cold. She felt very cold.


Yu Duo looked outside through the window and sighed. It was already dark, and the heavy rainfall at night made the atmosphere worse.


It was heavily raining outside. The howling wind and pouring rain made loud noises. Occasionally, it was accompanied by sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning.


Inside the study room.


“It’s raining,” Fu Sinian looked out of the window. He rubbed his tired eyebrows and said to Ah Chi, “It’s raining heavily. You stay at home tonight, don’t leave.”


“Yes,” Ah Chi replied in a hushed voice.


After a long busy day, Fu Sinian was also tired. Moreover, the pain of his injured back seemed to be getting worse.


“Well, you have worked hard today. Go and have a rest first.”


“You should also rest earlier, Big Brother.”

Ah Chi got up and left the study. As he opened the study door, he saw Yu Duo standing outside, wearing a white nightgown. Her hair was messy and her eyes were misty and moist. Her eyes were full of endless panic and fear.

“Sister-in-law? How are you… “


Yu Duo’s eyes fell on Ah Chi and then she looked straight toward Fu Sinian. She walked in barefoot and threw herself into Fu Sinian’s arms like a bird seeking refuge. She trembled.


A seemingly familiar scent assaulted Ah Chi’s nose. He stood at the door in a daze, watching the woman throwing herself into Fu Sinian’s arms. He even forgot to leave.


Fu Sinian’s brow knitted. He waved at Ah Chi and shouted “Ah Chi” in a deep voice. Then Ah Chi reacted. His eyelids were slightly drooping as he closed the door of the study.


“What’s the matter?”


As soon as the voice fell, it thundered outside.


“Ah–” Yu Duo hid in Fu Sinian’s arms and held his waist. Her voice trembled as if she was in a life and death situation, “I’m afraid …”




Fu Sinian raised his eyebrows.


How could he not remember that not too long ago, in a weather far worse than tonight’s, Yu Duo held her mobile phone and took pictures of lightning in front of the window with great interest, what an irony?


Fu Sinian stroked her back and said meaningfully, “What are you afraid of?”


“Afraid of thunder…”


(T/N: Afraid of death)


Yu Duo buried her face in Fu Sinian’s arms, frowning at the place where he couldn’t see. ‘What should I say if he asks about that carefully?’


She looked up at Fu Sinian. Her eyes were slightly red and full of tears. A drop of tear fell from her eyes.


Yu Duo knew that she must look so pitiful and painful that Fu Sinian took pity on her.


Fu Sinian would not be so ruthless.


After all, she had practiced it in the mirror.


“Honey, there’s something I think I have to make clear to you.”


“What is it?”


“It’s just …” Yu Duo bit her lip as if she had made up her mind and mustered up her courage to utter the words, “Today, Yu Yang came here.”


Before Fu Sinian could even speak a word, Yu Duo hugged his neck and said in a greasy voice which gave him goosebumps. “You listen to me first, okay?”


Fu Sinian pinched Yu Duo’s waist and smiled, “OK, speak properly, don’t worry.”


“Yu Yang, he……” Yu Duo looked at Fu Sinian’s smile. She could not even say what she had planned and swallowed her words, stopping her sentence abruptly.


Why was it that the more she looked at Fu Sinian’s face, the more flustered she became, and the more her heart pounded?


She felt as if she had been completely seen through.


This had not happened before.


Was it really because the woman who had worked with him for seven years betrayed him so now he became more suspicious of other people? He felt that she would also betray him?

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