The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 83

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie



If that was the case, she must not treat it lightly.


Yu Duo looked at Fu Sinian as if she was facing a terrifying opponent. Tears rolled down her cheeks. However, Fu Sinian couldn’t see the slightest guilt in her. She had rehearsed a good speech from the bottom of her heart and blurted it out, “Yu Yang was my ex boyfriend. He was a childhood sweetheart. Our families were well-matched in terms of social status. He had been very good to me. I always thought that after I graduated, I would marry him. However, later…”


Later, Yu Duo went to the wrong room and got on Fu Sinian’s bed by mistake.


Of course, Yu Duo wouldn’t say this. If it was said, wouldn’t she just tell Fu Sinian that the reason why she couldn’t be with Yu Yang now was because of the sin Fu Sinian committed in the beginning?


Wasn’t that putting the blame on Mr. Fu?


It couldn’t be said. Otherwise, Big Boss would be unhappy.


“Later, Yu Yang and his family were reluctant to accept me and Yu Yang went abroad for three years without any news,” Yu Duo burst into tears as she continued on. She sobbed for a moment and then said: “After Yu Yang didn’t answer my phone three years ago and went abroad, I gave up on him. He probably loved me a lot but…”


Fu Sinian squeezed her trembling chin and his eyes narrowed slightly. “You mean, if it wasn’t for me three years ago, you and Yu Yang would be married now? So you’ve been resenting me all these years? “


Yuduo hurriedly shook his head. “No, I didn’t. I went to the wrong room and I provoked you. In addition, my father failed in his investment schemes. You helped him a lot in the business. Otherwise, my father would have gone bankrupt.”


Her pitiful eyes stared straight at Fu Sinian and then her back drooped. She leaned slowly on Fu Sinian’s shoulder. A hot tear fell right on Fu Sinian’s shoulder, “I said so much just to tell you that three years ago, I had no delusion about Yu Yang. You were so kind to me these years, I couldn’t do anything ungrateful.”


Fu Sinian’s eyes were as calm as the sea. So Yu Duo had to be with him because of what happened three years ago. For the sake of Yu family, she had to compromise and live with him?


She said she didn’t hate him. However, how could she really not hate him?


After all, it was because of him that she was separated from her childhood sweetheart.


Yu Duo said affectionately, “How could I like Yu Yang? You are better than him in all respects. I am lucky to marry you. “


Fu Sinian felt slightly guilty…


Now that she had even said this much, Fu Sinian would not doubt her anymore, right?


She quietly raised her eyes and looked at the Fu Sinian’s eyes. They were deep, calm and silent as always. She couldn’t notice anything even if he was thinking about something.


She clenched her teeth and said, “Yes, Yu Yang has been trying to contact me in the months you have been missing. However, I never accepted his invitation or went out alone with him. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Aunt Lian.”


‘Didn’t go out alone?’


Who went to the candlelight dinner with Yu Yang alone that night?


To have a glib tongue but no truth!


In the study, there was no other sound except the thunder outside the window.


Yu Duo was feeling anxious and frightened in her heart. ‘Has he believed me or not?.’

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