The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 84

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Thunder roared again outside. The whole villa was quaked beneath the thunder.


Yu Duo exclaimed and leaned tightly on Fu Sinian’s chest. She held him tightly like a frightened cat who was seeking warmth and shelter in the miserable wind and rain.


Fu Sinian finally smiled and stroked Yu Duo’s back. “This must not happen again.”


Yu Duo breathed a sigh of relief.


Although the process was arduous, the result was worthy of her hard work tonight.


She leaned on Fu Sinian and said, “Honey, do you want to go to the hospital tomorrow for a checkup of your injured back? It hasn’t healed even after such a long time. I’m worried about you.”


“It’s not right for me to show up before things are settled.”


Yu Duo knew that Fu Sinian was afraid of assassination attempts so he didn’t want his return to be made public.


After thinking about it, she decided to strike while the iron was hot. In the heat of the moment, she decided to fully explain what she had done in these two months.


“Actually… there’s another thing I want to tell you.”


It was not long since Fu Sinian came back and his entire focus was on the company. It was obvious that he didn’t have the time and energy to look into her small matters. Although they seemed small matters right now, they might become troublesome matters that will haunt her after Fu Sinian stabilized the current situation.


“What is it?”


Yu Duo lowered her eyes and honestly handed over her mobile phone. “When you disappeared, everyone thought you… So I was extremely aggrieved at that time. Aunt Lian was even worried that I would fall into depression so she advised me to go out for a walk.” Speaking to this point, she summoned up her courage and looked at Fu Sinian with red and swollen eyes. “I always wanted to travel around the world with you. But because you were always busy with the company and had no time, I wasn’t able to do so. Therefore, I traveled to many places within a month after your disappearance. “


Fu Shinian took the mobile phone she handed over. Her WeChat was open on the mobile phone.


There had been no new post in the past month. The last one was Yu Duo’s sad return to China. She posted it at the airport.


“I’m back, but you still haven’t.”


If Yu Duo didn’t mention it, he would have forgotten about it. He traveled around the world with Yu Duo for a period of time after his death and saw many wonderful sceneries. Moreover, he saw more smiles on Yu Duo’s face than in those three years combined. The smile on her face made him very happy.


Yu Duo whispered: “I traveled to so many places by myself and fulfilled my original wish. I thought I would be very happy but every time I arrived in a new country, I still felt very bored. Take a look at that city, Sinian. If there is a chance in the future, you will accompany me out for a vacation there, will you? I want to go vacationing together with you.”


Fu Sinian looked at Yu Duo and said, “I will accompany you.”


His tone was not perfunctory.


When Yu duo heard this, she burst into tears and smiled. She said excitedly with her eyes full of tears, “Promise me. You must not lie.”


“Um.” Fu Sinian looked at her WeChat Moments again and then removed them. After that, he opened Weibo under Yu Duo’s eyes.


Yu Duo looked at his proficiency in finding Weibo App and opening it. Although she knew that she had logged out of her Weibo account and eliminated the traces, there was an old saying that he who commits wrongdoings on others does not fear the knock in the night? That Weibo account was the only place where she exposed her ‘shameful deeds’ so how could she not be afraid?


She smiled and asked, “Sinian, do you use Weibo?”

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