The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 85

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie



She smiled and asked, “Sinian, do you use Weibo?”


“I tried it yesterday and found it very interesting,” Fu Shinian wrote a word in the search box: Fu.


Yu Duo’s heart trembled.


‘Don’t panic, hold on.’


‘It’s just a coincidence.’


Second word: Tai.


Yu Duo’s smile stiffened and she could no longer maintain the arc of the corners of her mouth.


Fu Sinian then entered the third character: Tai.


Reading together, they became ‘Mrs. Rich’.


(T/N: ‘Fu’ means Rich while ‘Tai Tai’ means Mrs. so it became Mrs. Rich.)


Yu Duo’s palms were suddenly sweating.


‘Is it a coincidence?’ She had always been very careful. No one knew her Weibo account. How could Fu Sinian dig it out of thin air?


‘Yes, it must be a coincidence.’


Fu Sinian remained silent for a moment as if he was thinking about something.


Yu Duo felt as if her heart was torn apart.


“Honey, what do you want to see? Let me help you.”


“I can’t remember the Weibo user account clearly. Wait a moment for me to try to recall it.”


“Mrs. Rich?” Yu Duo smiled guiltily and tried to distract Fu Sinian’s thought process. “Is it Mrs. Rich’s guide which is very popular nowadays?”




“So… what is it? Tell me about it, I’ll find it for you. “
Fu Sinian looked at her with great interest. “I remembered it.”


Then he typed another word in the search box: De.


Mrs. Rich’s


In fact, the search box had already suggested a Weibo account of Mrs. Rich’s wealthy life but Fu Sinian seemed not to see it and continued to type: Hao.


Yu Duo’s heart trembled with fear.


No need to guess. It was her Weibo account.


During the days she travelled abroad, her Weibo account had grown by nearly 100,000 and her every Weibo fan was extremely active.


But why did Fu Sinian search her Weibo account?


What does Fu Sinian know?


However, she never told anyone that she had a Weibo account. No one would think that that Weibo account was hers. Where did he come to know about it?


‘Is there such a coincidence in this world?’


“Husband, what are you searching for?”


Fu Sinian hid his smile and said meaningfully, “You will know later.”


‘But I don’t want to know!’


Yu Duo hesitated and thought of the probability of “accidentally breaking” the mobile phone.


“Husband, I suddenly thought of one thing. Aunt Lian just said…”


During Yu Duo’s murmurs, Fu Sinian typed more words “Mrs. Rich’s wealthy life” and clicked on that Weibo page. He read a few Weibos and said, “This person has similar destination as you. She went to the same place you went to. Even…”


He showed Yu Duo a tweet of a photo taken on a hot air balloon in Turkey.


“Even this photo was very similar to the photo you posted on WeChat. What a coincidence.”


In the time of 0.05 seconds which Fu Sinian took to finish this sentence, Yu Duo thought of the countermeasures.


“Because I downloaded it from her Weibo! I like this Weibo blogger very much. You see, she can live as she pleases. She can go wherever she wants. She is free and unrestrained.”


Fu Sinian’s eyes were as deep as abyss and Yu Duo could not perceive anything from them. “Well, I like her, too.”


Yu Duo was slightly stunned.


Fu Sinian seemed a bit strange.


Those words seemed to mean something and weren’t casually spoken. However, she couldn’t catch the hint.


This made Fu Sinian a bit disappointed.


“First of all, the time of publishing in your WeChat is 9:10 while the time of publishing in this Weibo is 9:13. Please explain to me, how did you download her picture?”

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