The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 87

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

“Well, really.”


Yu Duo replied with a sweet smile. “Honey, you are so nice.”


Although she was smiling outside, she was frowning deep down inside her heart.


Although she could go out to have fun, but with Fu Sinian together, how was it different from a prison? What’s the point of hanging out then?


While being alone, one person could be free and unrestrained, two people would be more burdensome.


Yu Duo sighed and did not expect anything from Fu Sinian’s promise.


“Well, it’s getting late. You can go back to your room and have a rest. Ah Chi will also stay at home tonight.”


Yu Duo nodded. “I see.”


She got up from Fu Sinian’s embrace. His reluctant gaze lingered on her with deep feelings hidden under his calm gaze.


“Do you love me?” A second before Yu Duo left the door, Fu Sinian suddenly asked a question out of the blue.


Yu Duo stopped and turned around to look at him. Although she looked puzzled, she still answered without any hesitation, “Of course, I love you.”


From the desk to the door, it was about five meters away.


Yu Duo couldn’t quite see the expression on Fu Sinian’s face, nor could she see the affection hidden in his eyes. They were as blurry as mist.


Under those burning eyes, Yu Duo felt a sense of guilt.


Why did he ask her this all of a sudden?


‘Have you found out something?’


Yu Duo was feeling uneasy as she waited for Fu Sinian to speak. Her fingers rubbed against each other.


Fu Sinian’s face was calm as he finally spoke, “It’s OK. You should go and rest earlier.”


Yu Duo nodded, opened the study door and left the room.


While soaking in the bathtub, Yu Duo had been wondering what Fu Sinian meant with his last sentence. 


——”Do you love me?”


It sounded like a normal conversation between a husband and wife. It was indeed normal. These were the small love words between husband and wife, which had been said a lot before.


But she didn’t feel right today with that phrase.


At least there was definitely something wrong with Fu Sinian’s earlier reaction.


Once she replied “I love you too”, Fu Shinian would definitely return her with one, but today…


Could it be that he turned suspicious again? He once again began to doubt her sincerity?


Although she didn’t sincerely love Fu Sinian, there was no reason for him to suspect her?


Yu Duo was puzzled and wondered what Fu Sinian meant with what he said at the end.


After thinking thoroughly about it, if it’s not for Fu Sinian doubting her sincerity, then there could be no other reason for what he did.


If it was true, this was not a good sign for her


It was too dangerous!


It was better to be proactive than to doubt passively.


Yu Duo got up, added a lot of essential oils in the bathtub, and soaked for about 20 minutes. She raised her hand and sniffed the fragrance on her arm. It had a charming sweet smell. This was Fu Sinian’s favorite scent. As long as she deliberately sprayed some perfume, he wouldn’t be able to hold it in.


Today she had been soaking for so long, she didn’t believe that Fu Sinian would be indifferent to her.


To conquer a man, start first with the body.


Yu Duo has fallen into a disadvantage in many places. Only in this matter, she could easily make Fu Sinian who was a man with normal physical needs let down his guards.


There was a little movement in the room. Yu Duo got up from the bathtub. She was wet all over and had a towel wrapped around her bosom. She opened the bathroom door slightly, bit her lower lip shyly and said embarrassedly, “Sinian, I forgot to take my pajamas. Can you bring me the clothes on the bedside sofa?”


Fu Sinian looked at the clothes which were put on the sofa and handed them to Yu Duo.

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