The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 88

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

A wet hand came out of the bathroom. It was rosy in countenance. A few drops of gentle water slipped off the smooth skin and fell on Fu Sinian’s hand.


“Thank you, husband.”


Yu Duo took the clothes and closed the door.


Ten minutes later, she came out of the bathroom with slightly wet hair.


Instead of wearing pajamas, she deliberately wore Fu Sinian’s shirt. The shirt was wide and long, just covering the base of her legs. Her slender white thighs were shining because of being wet. They looked extremely sexy and alluring.
Fu Sinian was reading Yu Duo’s tweets on Weibo.


From the latest tweet three days ago to the first tweet three years ago.


The image of Yu Duo on Weibo was completely opposite to the current Yu Duo. She looked very happy. Although there were a few lines of text below the image, her happiness could be seen from her expression without even reading them.


Three months ago, he had never seen them.


So vastly different compared to her current self, she had stars in her eyes. She looked like an illuminated star in the sky, dazzling and charming.


Fu Sinian still remembered Yu Duo wearing a sexy backless dress in Paris. The self-confidence that oozed out from her made her the focus of attention of the whole party. She could easily grab the attention and applause of all the people on the ball.


Even he couldn’t take his eyes off her.


‘Why can you smile so happily at an unfamiliar place? Why don’t you want to smile honestly in front of me who have been together with you for three years?’


‘What are you afraid of?’


“Husband, what are you looking at?”


The soft voice interrupted Fu Sinian’s thoughts. He looked up in the direction of the voice and found Yu Duo looking at him. She was only wearing his shirt, making his eyebrows knit.


Yu Duo looked down at the shirt on her body and said innocently, “This is the shirt you brought me.”


She walked barefoot on the carpet, step by step to the front of Fu Sinian. The fascinating and enchanting fragrance on her body wafted in the air. Looking at Fu Sinian’s eyes burning with desire, Yu Duo’s smile widened even more. She tiptoed on her toes and held Fu Sinian’s neck with her hands. Then she said ambiguously in a coquettish and expectant tone. “Honey, I missed you so much……”


Fu Sinian felt Yu Duo’s skin temperature was warm because of taking a hot bath. His eyebrows knit and his eyes dulled but he didn’t speak.


He knew that no man could resist the woman in front of him.


Normally as pure as a lily, but as sexy as rose at night. What an extremely deadly combination.


It was a temptation that men couldn’t resist.


Yu Duo’s smile was even worse as he couldn’t bear the temptation.


Fu Sinian took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Just when Yu Duo thought that Fu Sinian couldn’t hold it, Fu Sinian suddenly opened his eyes. There was nothing other than calmness in his eyes.


Yu Duo: ….?


‘Don’t I look as charming as before?’


“Go and change your clothes.” He commanded.


“Is it because of a back injury?”


Yu Duo leaned to his ear and whispered with a red face, thinking that she could stir Fu Sinian on. However, she did not expect Fu Sinian’s face to darken even more.




The tone was even harsher than the first.


Yu Duo didn’t know when she offended this ancestor. Wasn’t the atmosphere just right? Why did it end up like this?


So moody.


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