The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 89

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Yu Duo came out of the bedroom after changing to pajamas and heard the sound of shower water pouring from the bathroom.


‘Has Fu Sinian taken wrong medicine today? Why is he acting so out of character?’


Just as numerous thoughts were going through Yu Duo’s mind, Fu Sinian came out of the bathroom with a gloomier expression than usual.


Yu Duo suddenly thought of the words he had said to Ah Chi when she overheard their conversation: “Kill, chop and throw into the sea.”


Fu Sinian looked like he was going to do it by himself.


“Husband, I…” Yu Duo was surprised when her hand touched Fu Sinian’s arm.


It’s so cold.


‘Just now, did Fu Sinian took a cold shower?’


‘… Fu Sinian was calming himself down?’


(T/N: He was sexually aroused so he wanted to calm himself by taking a cold bath.)


She would rather take a hot bath than a cold one.


This undoubtedly surprised her more than the news of Fu Sinian’s “death”.


Fu Sinian was not a person who would calm himself. He was obviously moved by her but he endured it. But why?


Apart from not liking her, Yu Duo couldn’t find any other reason.


Fu Sinian stood in front of Yu Duo and asked, “Do you love me?”


Yu Duo opened her mouth and wanted to answer but before she could reply, Fu Sinian interrupted without pausing , “Don’t do things that you don’t like. Don’t say what you don’t want to say. By doing so, not only do you deceive others, but you will also end up deceiving yourself.”


‘I will let you act and wait for the day when you are willing to give your heart, but before that, I don’t want to hear you say “I love you”.’


He asked again, “Do you really love me as you say?”


The smile on Yu Duo’s face froze in an instant. The words uttered by Fu Sinian made her heart beat like a battle drum, but strangely, she was supposed to be panicking, but now she felt inexplicably calm instead.


She even felt that from the moment she married Fu Sinian up to this day, this was his calmest looking moment to date.


Fu Sinian was clearly looking at her, staring at her, doubting her, but she was not afraid of Fu Sinian’s deep black eyes. She could even look straight into his eyes without feeling any fear.


“As long as you say yes, I will believe you.”


These words are extremely pleasant and reassuring.


Fu Sinian clasped her palm. This was a very ambiguous posture but his skin was cold from showering in cold water. The cold temperature transmitted from the palm made Yu Duo shiver.


The coldness rushed from the palm to the brain and dispelled the irrelevant thoughts in it, making her clear-headed.


Just now she almost… spilled the beans, and let the cat out of the bag.


Although it seemed that she would be fine if she told the truth, only God knew what would really happen.


Fu Sinian’s thoughts ran too deep and were far more complicated than they seemed. He might be just lying to know the truth.


All in all, It was too dangerous to say that she didn’t love him. She might end up killed, chopped and then thrown into the sea. She was terrified. 


She smiled sweetly, “What’s the matter with you? Of course, I love you.”


Those eyes were crystal clear as if nothing could blemish them. They were bright like the stars in the sky. It seemed that all the sincerity was reflected in the eyes. The eyes were small and yet they were full of sincerity. It felt as if sincerity overflowed from her eyes.

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