The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 90

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Looking at Yu Duo’s eyes, Fu Sinian slowly released his hand that clasped Yu Duo’s palms. His originally cold palm had already turned warm. Being released made Yu Duo suddenly feel slightly stunned.


Fu Sinian sighed deeply. He stroked Yu Duo’s hair and then lay beside her.




Yu Duo had felt as if she had not grasped the life-saving straw on the edge of the cliff when she was about to fall into the abyss.


It felt funny thinking about it.


This analogy was too ridiculous. How could she think so?


Yu Duo turned around and looked at Fu Sinian’s face under the dim light. Her hand under the quilt quietly tickled his palm.


However, there was no movement from him.


Yu Duo boldly grasped Fu Sinian’s palm, with ten fingers crossed and ten fingers clasped.


Fu Sinian who had his eyes closed tightly rolled his eyes under his eyelids. His hand was under the quilt. His fingers were curled up and tightly clasping Yu duo’s hands.


Never mind.


It’s good enough for now.




At the same time, in the brightly lit Qin Mansion, the door of the president’s office was pushed open and a well-dressed assistant walked in from the outside, “President Qin, lawyer Zhao is here.”


“Let him come in.”




Before long, a man in a suit walked in and said respectfully to the man behind the desk, “President Qin.”


Qin Shao who was sitting on the broad office chair asked, “How did it go?”


Lawyer Zhao sat down in front of Qin Shao’s desk and handed a briefcase over to Qin Shao.


“Today I went to the police station to see Miss Qiao. Miss Qiao has something to say and she hopes that I can convey it to you.”


“What’s the matter?”


“Miss Qiao said that Mr. Fu has returned.”


The hand that was opening the briefcase became sluggish. It was even more shocking than Qiao Jiao’s sudden disappearance, Qiao Jiao being taken away by the police for investigation and the exposure of the forged will. All of these events were beyond Qin Shao’s expectations.


His eyebrows furrowed. His tone subconsciously rose and his tone was filled with suppressed anger and shock as he asked, “What did you just say?”


“Mr. Fu Sinian is back,” said lawyer Zhao.


“He’s not dead?” Qin Shao was shocked. He clenched his fists and tilted his upper body upward.


‘How is that possible?’


After the yacht exploded, the rescuers searched several kilometers of sea around the explosion without sleep for several days but they still didn’t find Fu Sinian. In that case, how could Fu Sinian survive?


“President Qin, Miss Qiao has been charged with will forgery. Fu Sinian has submitted the evidence. He has installed a hidden camera in his office that even Miss Qiao doesn’t know about. So Miss Qiao’s picture of putting the forged will into Fu Sinian’s office safe has been recorded. With such ironclad evidence, it’s difficult for Miss Qiao to be acquitted of the criminal charges.”


Qin Shao took a deep breath and pondered about it. He was really too shocked.


According to his experience in dealing with Fu Sinian in these years, Fu Sinian was anything but ordinary. If an explosion could make him die easily, he would not have to deal with Fu Sinian all these years.


“And Miss Qiao also said,” lawyer Zhao looked at Qin Shao uneasily, “Miss Qiao hopes that you can help her acquit her of the criminal charges. Otherwise…”


Lawyer Zhao dared not say anything further.


Qin Shao glanced at him lightly, “Otherwise she will drag me together into the muddy waters?”


Lawyer Zhao smiled and dared not speak.


Qin Shao snorted coldly and leaned back. His eyes were full of arrogance.

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