The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 91

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Unlike Fu Sinian who climbed up from the bottom, Qin Shao was born with a Silver spoon in his mouth. After graduation, he successfully entered the company and took over the company. Before Fu Sinian appeared, his life was smooth sailing and he never met any setbacks and bumps.


In his eyes, Qiao Jiao was just a usable tool. Now that the tool was useless, she was now a disposable liability?


Although Fu Sinian and him had been rivals for many years, Fu Sinian would not go all out against him even after all this.


‘Threatening me?’


‘First you need to see if you have enough leverage to demand’


“Since she said that, then you don’t have to deal with this matter anymore. I will handle the rest. Lawyer Zhao, you have worked hard.”


Lawyer Zhao was also a heavyweight elite figure in the lawyer industry. He had fought countless lawsuits over the past years. People like Qin Shao were also part of his clients. Therefore, he was not too surprised. He could easily suppress and hide his emotions. He said with a smile: “Yes, I understand.”


After Lawyer Zhao left, Qin Shao got up and slowly walked to the floor-to-ceiling window. Looking at the darkness outside, the expression in his eyes filled with dread.




Early the next morning, Yu Duo woke up and found that Fu Sinian was not around. Sunlight shone through from the gaps of window curtains. She took a look at her cell phone. It was ten o’clock.


Looking at the time, Yu Duo suddenly woke up, without any sleepiness.


She never woke up so late. It was really strange.


Perhaps it was because of Fu Sinian. After all, she had been in a state of high tension since he had returned. It might be the reason for her fatigue.


She went downstairs but found the whole villa empty except for a few servants who were pruning flowers in the garden.


“Ma’am, you wake up? What do you want to eat, I’ll cook it.”


Just as Yu Duo sat down, she asked, “What about Sinian?”


Aunt Lian said with a smile, “Sir took Ah Chi out before dawn.”


Yu Duo nodded.


‘He seems to have deliberately gone out before dawn.’


Aunt Lian brought her a glass of milk, some bread and fried egg. Yu Duo saw the egg and her eyebrow furrowed immediately, “Aunt Lian, you shouldn’t fry an egg for me any more.”


“Didn’t you like it before? Why… “


“I have no appetite.”


Even Aunt Lian’s eyebrows furrowed and her motherly eyes stared at Yu Duo’s small face. She finally sighed and took the egg.


“By the way, ma’am, counting the days, your menstrual period should have arrived. I’ll boil that medicine for you today. How was your body last month? Is it better?”


“Last month…” Yu Duo’s hand which was tearing the bread halted. She seemed to have thought of something. She choked on the bread that she was eating. No words could come out from her mouth. 


“What’s the matter, Ma’am? Drink some milk!” Aunt Lian immediately handed her warm milk and Yu Duo drank most of it with her head tilted up, which made her more comfortable.


Yu Duo was not a person who was not used to drinking milk. However, she felt strange today. The milk brought by Aunt Lian inexplicably smelled pungent like fish smell. It hurt her stomach. 


She covered her mouth, hurriedly got up and ran towards the bathroom.


The stool creaked, making a harsh noise on the marble floor.


Then Aunt Lian heard Yu Duo retched in the direction of the bathroom.


“Ma’am, what’s wrong with you?”

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