The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 92

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Yu Duo’s eyes were filled with unshed tears as she vomited out all the bread and milk she had eaten in the morning. Her small face turned pale. She looked weak and had to rely on the washbasin to support herself from falling down. After washing the stains, she smiled at Aunt Lian. “I am fine, Aunt Lian.”


Aunt Lian anxiously said, “How can it be all right? You are vomiting like this. Let me call the doctor to see you.”


“Don’t!” Yu Duo quickly stopped Aunt Lian, “Aunt Lian, I’m really okay. That’s just that… today’s milk is particularly smelly. I just can’t drink it.”


“Milk? But you used to drink this milk.”


“I may have caught a cold yesterday so my nose is somewhat sensitive,” Yu Duo continued to reassure her: “It’s really okay. You don’t have to worry about me.”


Even Aunt Lian’s suspicious eyes lingered on her, “Really?”


“Of course,” Yu Duo said with a smile, “I am going upstairs. I’ll call you if I have any problem.”


Fortunately, Aunt Lian believed her under Yu Duo’s repeated guarantees and continued to work.


Yu Duo went upstairs, shut herself in the room, and searched online for symptoms of early pregnancy.


—What are the symptoms of pregnancy?


Yu Duo opened this search result.


1. Amenorrhea


Why would Yu Duo care about her menstrual period not coming last month? After all, the delay of the menstrual period was a common occurrence. More importantly she was worried about the forged will incident at that time and did not pay attention to the menstrual period.


Now thinking about it, hadn’t her menstrual period not come for a month?


2. Fatigue


… Yu Duo felt as if she had been shot.


When she got up in the morning, she felt very tired.


She went on to look down.


3. Increased frequency of going to the bathroom


4. Vomiting


5. Morning sickness


6. Emotional and irritability


7. High body temperature


After reading these explanations carefully, the more Yu Duo read, the more she felt that her current physical condition was particularly in line with the word “pregnancy”.


… It can’t be!


This is too ridiculous!


How could there be such a ridiculous thing in the world?


How could she be pregnant?


Yu Duo threw away her mobile phone, feeling that Baidu must have misled her. She still had to listen to Aunt Lian’s words to see a doctor. The more she read on Baidu, the more she felt that she was pregnant.


(T/N: Baidu is a search engine just like Google.)


She touched the fat on her stomach and pinched her waist. If she was pregnant, she would be at least three months pregnant. Which three month pregnant woman had a flat belly as hers?


“Ma’am,” she suddenly heard a voice accompanied by a knock on the door. Like a thief who was caught red handed, her ears pricked up: “Sir has returned.”


Yu Duo felt upset immediately.


‘Why has Fu Shinian returned now?’


She looked at the mirror, combed her messy hair, and then went downstairs.


Fu Sinian was coming upstairs and Ah Chi was following him.




“There is a banquet tonight. You have to prepare things.” Fu Sinian said lightly as he passed Yu Duo.


Yu Duo nodded.


In the past, whenever Fu Sinian attended banquets, Yu Duo would choose suits and other things for him. The formal banquets had high requirements for dress codes. Regular clothes could not be worn at all.


Since Fu Sinian decided to attend the banquet, this banquet must be very important.


Yu Duo returned to the room and prepared clothes and accessories for Fu Sinian.

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