The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 93

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

One side of the dressing room was full of Fu Sinian’s suit and shirts, and the drawer was also full of wrist watches and other things. Yu Duo chose a dark blue suit which had a mature aura to it. She also chose a dark blue striped tie and a white shirt.


After choosing the cufflink and wrist watch, Yu Duo nodded with satisfaction.


It was just that she didn’t know who would be Fu Sinian’s unlucky companion at the dinner party tonight.


After all, she had already told Fu Sinian that she didn’t like drinking.


The culture of wine consumption was deeply rooted in certain people. Some people would talk about things that they shouldn’t after being drunk. Therefore, Fu Sinian had to be careful in choosing his companion so that she would not create an embarrassing situation after getting drunk.


Fu Sinian entered inside.


“Have you chosen?”


Yu Duo nodded and showed Fu Sinian his suit and other accessories.


Fu Sinian took a look and then glanced at Yu Duo. “What about yours?”


Yu Duo blinked, “What’s mine?”


“You will accompany me to the banquet tonight. Have you not chosen a dress yet?”




‘So I’m that unlucky person who is going to accompany you to the party?’


Fu Sinian said in a matter of fact tone, “You are my wife. Who will accompany me other than you?”


Yu Duo gave him a dark look.


‘Wasn’t it Qiao Jiao who was your companion before?’


‘Now that Qiao Jiao isn’t here, you are thinking about me?’


Despite her unwillingness, Yu Duo still smiled willingly, even flattered, “Okay, I’ll choose a dress right away!”


“No need to choose, that dress suits you quite well.” Fu Shinian pointed to the green sequin dress that Yu Duo wore at Yu Guohui’s birthday party.


‘It really suits me.’


‘But how did Fu Sunian know?’


Yu Duo did not dare to ask and nodded.


“I have something to do in the afternoon. I will have Ah Chi take you to the hotel in the evening. I’ll be with you as soon as possible.”




In the evening, Ah Chi came to pick up Yu Duo on time.


This is also the first time Ah Chi saw Yu Duo wearing a sexy evening dress. The green sequins shone under the light, attracting everyone’s attention.


Yu Duo walked down from the steps of the villa.


This evening dress was a little long so Yu Duo had to be careful while walking on high heels. In fact, the high heels were not too high. They were just three centimeters high.


Maybe she knew that she only needed to stand for a while today, or maybe it was Baidu’s search result that made her hesitate. Due to that, she chose not to wear high heels.


“Let’s go.”


Ah Chi silently shifted his gaze downward and pulled the door open silently.


“Where’s Sinian, Ah Chi?”


“Brother has something to do so he will arrive later. I will drop you at the hotel first.”


After Fu Sinian died once, he didn’t believe anyone anymore. Only Ah Chi was an exception to it. He entrusted Ah Chi with more important tasks.


“Well, then be careful.”


Ah Chi looked in the rearview mirror and nodded.


There was no talk all the way. Soon they arrived at the hotel.


Ah Chi opened the door for Yu Duo. “We have arrived, sister-in-law. Please go ahead. Brother will be here soon.”


Yuduo got out of the car with her skirt and followed the doorman to the banquet hall.


The banquet hall was now full of people. Melodious music filled the whole banquet hall. There were men dressed in suits everywhere. Each of them were accompanied with sexy and exquisite-looking female companions. They were gathering and talking with each other.


Yu Duo didn’t like this kind of occasion very much. After looking at the whole venue, she chose the latter between the red wine and juice brought by the waiter and then found a corner to sit down and rest.


“Duoduo, why didn’t you inform your mother that you are attending?”

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