The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 94

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

“Duoduo, why didn’t you inform your mother that you are attending?”


A familiar voice came from the right side of Yu Duo. Yu Duo turned to look at Yu Guohui and Mrs. Yu.


People with a certain level of social status would not be willing to miss this occasion.


Yu Duo got up and greeted, “Dad, Mom.”


“Before I came, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go out and make some new friends. However when I thought about it, you would become restless once more. As a result, I didn’t ask you. I didn’t expect you to come here alone. Have you considered anything?”


Yu Duo smiled and just shook her head without replying.


Mr. Yu said from the side: “Yu Duo can see things on her own terms. You speak less and say no more.”


Mrs. Yu glared at him but since they were outside, she had to give him face so she refrained from saying anything. She let go of his arm and stood beside Yu Duo, “Let’s go, mom will introduce you to some friends.”


If Madam Yu was ranked second in socializing then no one would dare claim as the first. It was too late for Yu Duo to refuse and Mrs. Yu introduced her to the deputy general manager of a company.


The deputy general manager had an aura of elegance, knowledge and eloquence around him which provokes many women’s maiden hearts.


Yu Duo stood beside Mrs. Yu and quietly listened to him. Although she kept smiling, her focus was on the direction of the hotel door.


Counting the time, Fu Sinian should be coming soon.


“Miss Yu, nice to see you again.” A man with a pleasant voice approached, carrying a wine glass and greeted Yu Duo.


Yu Duo looked at the man in front of her. She was slightly surprised.


Mrs. Yu had a small smile on her face as she reminded Yu Duo in a low voice, “This is Su Yang. You met him at your father’s birthday party before.”


Yu Duo did not recognize the man but she could recall his name. 


“Hello, Mr. Su.”


“I heard that Miss Yu went abroad for a while but there has been no update since then. I was still very worried about Miss Yu, but now it seems that Miss Yu is in a good spirit and has gotten over the death.”


When you don’t know what to say, just keep smiling.


Yu Duo kept smiling gracefully and politely.


“Before going out today, I wondered if I would meet Miss Yu here. I didn’t expect that I would really meet you. Hello, Miss Yu. I don’t know if you still have any impression of me.” A man who was rather unfamiliar to Yu Duo came over. The wine glass in his hand tapped the wine glass in Yu Duo’s hand and then he drank it immediately.


“This is Zhao Chen.”


Yu Duo looked at Mrs. Yu with complicated eyes.


‘Such a good memory?’


“Hello, Mr. Zhao.”


“Did Miss Yu come here with someone today? Or did you come alone?” Zhao Chen seemed to have asked casually.


Yu Duo kept a certain distance from these people and said with a strange smile, “I did not come alone.”


That meant she had a partner.


Zhao Chen and Su Yang both showed regretful expressions on their faces, “That’s a pity. I originally thought I would have the honor to dance with Miss Yu tonight.”


Yu Duo stepped back quietly.


She regretted adding these people to her WeChat. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have known about her trip abroad.


“I don’t know who Miss Yu came with.”

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