The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 95

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Yu Duo pondered for a short time. If she claimed that she was attending with Fu Sinian, wouldn’t these people think that she was insane?


“Ah Chi sent me over.” She wasn’t technically lying. 


“Ah Chi… Speaking of that, I heard about Mr. Fu’s will some time ago,” Zhao Chen continued with a sigh. “I have always admired Mr. Fu, thinking that Mr. Fu is an upright man but I didn’t expect…”


(T/N: Someone is digging his grave.)


Su Yang also sighed as he said, “Yeah, I didn’t expect that Mr. Fu in his will would give one-third of his inheritance to another woman.”


Mrs. Yu’s face also turned ugly.


After her son-in-law died, she discovered that he cheated on his wife by leaving a will that divided the inheritance to another woman.


That’s itching teeth.


(T/N: Itching teeth means source of indignation and resentment.)


But in order to protect her daughter’s dignity, Mrs. Yu did not say much on the matter.


The news about Fu Sinian’s return and Qiao Jiao being taken away for investigation had not spread out yet. The only up to date information that everyone in S City had was that Mr. Fu’s property had been divided two days ago.


“Let’s not mention this topic anymore.” Zhao Chen looked at Yu Duo’s angry face and ended the topic in a diplomatic tone.


“By the way, President Qin should also be here tonight. I have heard that President Qin is also on the list of this year’s top ten outstanding young businessmen.”


“I have heard that the late Mr. Fu is also…”


“That was before,” Zhao Chen interrupted with a ‘sad’ look on his face: “Who asked Mr. Fu to have an extramarital affair and womanize?”


Hearing such reckless comments, Yu Duo frowned, “My husband has committed no extramarital affairs! Jokes aside, Mr. Zhao, I hope you can conduct yourself properly with dignity!”


Yu Duo’s voice was not loud and was even covered up by the music in the venue.


Yet, many around her heard what she said. They all looked at Yu Duo with pity and began whispering and murmuring.


Zhao Chen smiled reluctantly and apologized. “I am sorry.”


Just as his voice fell, the door of the banquet hall opened and the music of the banquet hall stopped.


Yu Duo looked toward the door and saw Fu Sinian storming into the banqueting hall as if no one else was there. He turned a blind eye to the people or things around him. He was wearing the suit and other accessories chosen by Yu Duo in the morning. His broad and lean body had an aura of strength to it. His expression seemed to be saying ‘no entry for strangers’.


Fu Sinian walked into the venue in front of everyone’s eyes. The moment his eyes fell on Yu Duo, he suddenly thought of Qin Shao’s comment on Yu Duo’s appearance.


(T/N: During the charity party, Qin Shao had praised Yu Duo’s beauty.)


‘Calm down.’


Although many thoughts were going through his mind, he still acted indifferent outside.


The moment Fu Sinian appeared in the banquet hall, the entire avenue became silent. Then like poking a hornet’s nest, everyone whispered and intensely discussed with the people around them.


“Fu… Fu Sinian? He’s not dead?”


“Isn’t it said that the yacht exploded three months ago and even his body wasn’t found?”


“The rescue team did not find anyone after three days of salvage. Later, they searched for more than a month, but there was no news. Why today…”


“Since Mr. Fu is fine, why hasn’t he appeared in the past three months?”


Countless curious and shocked eyes stared at Fu Sinian but he was unfazed. He was indifferent. He glanced at the audience. Wherever his eyes passed by, the whispers quiet down and the smiling faces turned sour.

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